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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FRIDAY UPDATE (Still working/Keep voting/Bees b-day)


Click on the picture to read "The HTML Idiot Nightmare"

Ladies and Gentleman....I´m hitting my head against the wall again.

This moring I tried to write (please believe me, I really tried) to give you all a little more than that trashy Paris Hilton video, that u really hated. But, when I sat in front of my computer, I discover that my site feed, the place where I post most of the pictures I show on this blog (banners, animations, videos, etc.) passed misteriously away... soooooo I don´t wanna start a frenetic drama queen lament but, I already started working to recover some of my pictures, move them to another place and post them again. This is why you will probably find that most of the graphics are missing... in the meantime, I have this to offer:

  • Read the first HTML Idiot story, It´s about how I screwed most of my templates when I started blogging in last January. (click on the pic)

  • vote for my next post....... what do you want me to post about?


Hello sweethearts!- as you could see, most of my pictures are back on its place...well, not all of them...

I foound anoter corner in this freaking www to place all my stuff... I hope this survives longer... I´m still working. So, don´t be surprised if things are not loading in the way they should be.

oh! KEEP VOTING FOR MY NEXT POST!! (I never did something like that and I´m enjoying watching how you deal with my stories (until now I got that: "stop that "Desperate Handicapped Housewives" thing!!! we want some blood!!!" And you´ll get it babes!).

oh... next saturday is Ms. Bees Knees b-day, let´s cheer the bitch! (I love you Bees!!).



a rehab tale " Mom started the gym".
9 votes
a New Twiglight Zone Post, this time: "fucking elevators"
10 votes
"this means WAR, Bitch"
15 votes

I´m getting married!!
9 votes
Dating again?...u mean...A DATE???
12 votes


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