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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The "HTML IDIOT" nightmare

"Totally pissed off"

I had to admitt that, in spite of loving computers and internet, I never liked programme stuff, worst if we are talking about that uncomprehensive thing called HTML.
Jesus! Im 25 and I never posted a web site or page without help, can you believe it? yes! this is happening in 2005!
I always had an angel (my friends are angels, you´ll get used to read about them on this blog) that helped me, supported me and had to suffer all my desperated calls, most of them right after midnght, praying for help because "this is not working", "what the fuck did I touch", " I can´t see the changes I did", "what the fuck is xxx error msg?", "oh oh..I THINK I SCREWED IT UP! FUCK!", etc, etc.
Her name is Sil.. poor little thing, and I know she loves me ´cause, for some miracle, she´s still besides me an didn´t kicked my white hairy and geourgeous butt yet, (Im not saying she didn´t want to... several times ).
Another victim of my midnight calls is my friend (Angel) Guillermo, a computer genious like Sil, with the patiece of a... who or what the hell has patience??.
Guille made the html work for me.... and I was like: "looks good this way", "can I put a link here?", "I preffer the other font style", and of course:"oh oh..I THINK I SCREWED IT UP! FUCK!".

But tis time, my dear friends I decided to start this new blog by myself, in part because I wanted to surprise them, or maybe because it was about tiiiiiiimeeeeee for me to grow up and ... well... you know... I tried to do it alone!


First I did my best trying to choose a goolooking template. FAILED! [Finally I had to use this one... cute but not cute enough]

Then Rene, the lady who introduce me in blogland and new Angel, gave me some advices related with template stuff and codes, and i could actually use them!!!
DEKY gave me his counter system. wich is still working until now. [maybe that means I did it right]
But it had to happend:
I accidentally broke and lost the whole fucking HTML code TWICE!!!
...yup, i´m an idiot.
I had to call Guille for asistance, but in the end I managed to rebuild the whole thing again by myself.
SO if you see a weird mutation on this site, is not a virus... it´s this fucking HTML IDIOT trying to fix some shit he sure did by mistake.

Ohhh another thing.. now you know how hard it was for this poor soul [me] to add all this funny things to this site, I mean guestmaps, comment holders, etc. PLEASE USE THEMMMM DAMM!!!!!!!!!
Let me know youu are there...
love u all!

thanks ANGELS! [mhhhhh that sounded like fucking Charly....]

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