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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Yes, my flight is leaving in 24 hours...
I decided to make this lil´entry and it will probably be the last thing I write before making my dreams come true...

WOW, that was quite a line uh? but so true... oh c´mon! you, the ones who´s been beside me since the very beginning, and way before Alexis, know what this trip represents for me:

My health: When I was first told about being taken to Miami on a pleasure trip (then, for two weeks) I found myself accepting without thinking about my illness for a half second.
Since this fucking "condition" started to attack my body, I had to think twice before every fucking move I was about to make... (I´m not saying that stopped me, but it was there) [oh my god!, I just said "fucking" twice!... how rude... maybe is the thought about the wedding night].

My Heart: Then, the Love... my beloved friend, my angel, the one who was there all the time with a note, a call, a postcard, an email, a thought, a post, a picture, a hug, a kiss... him, during all those dark months, building with me this unbeliveable love story in silence... the friend who became an angel...

In exactly 32 hours that ANGEL will become flesh... a dream come true, my man, the man of my dreams, and guess what? I´m marrying him!

The trip to that magicall embrace will start in 24 hours from now... count them down with me....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bachelor - Two "The Farewell Party"

*Click to Enlarge...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Now that all the tears (and the tearing apart) are gone, I feel its time to sit down and write about my Interview at the US Embbassy in Buenos Aires...

I arrived to the Embassy 45 minutes before the time my appointment was scheduled (as they suggested) to find like 100 people queueing to get into a very small door (yes, it was small!) with dark glassed windows on.
I only had to show my cane to jump the queue and give the annonymous guy behing the tainted glass my endless forms (religiously filled the day after) and my passport .

Then, I was "able" to get in and after being examined like one of those guys you find in the jail themed gay porn movies (no, no thaaaaaaat deep examination... no! nobody found the atomic granade I had hidden in my rectus!!) I was given sit on the "Visa and Inmigration Hall" where I had to wait and bite my nails retaining my own urine for two endlesses hours.
Then the miracle: My name on the speakers telling me to go to box eight with a very poor and uncomprehensible Spanish.

From this point until the end, all became amazingly fast, almost surreal.
The interview I was getting ready for the last four moths only took five minutes.
A few simple questions, kind (yes kind!) reactions to my answers... "where are you going?", "for how long?","What do you do?", "are you flying alone?"....

Then he (The consular officer) smiled and said: "HAVE FUN"

Ian_ I´m sorry??

C.O._ Now you must go to the DHL window to arrange how your passport will be
dellivered straight to your home...

Ian_ but... what´s the next step?

C.O._ (smile) no next step (wink) your visa has been just approved.

Ian_ (gulp) thank you?

C.O. _(smile)

So... Ladies and Gentleman. I´VE GOT A US VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!

READ MORE ABOUT THIS ON ALEXIS (as always, he found the words i couldnt find)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bachelor one video


Friday, February 17, 2006

Bachelor One - Memoirs of a Geisha

Tomorrow night is my first Bachelor Party (I´m having two).
It has been organiced by my All time fabulous Go Go Girls (if you´re new here, You wouldn´t know that I call "Go Go Girls" to the group of dancers of a company I´ve been directing, they are all hot and loveable, like the Pussycat Dolls but mine.)

Usually every single wild idea comes from those crazy ladies... and when they knew I am getting married, they started the plot of a Bachelor Party . And, of course, they had to make it... well, ..um... unique?... yeah, unique is fine .[roll eyes]

So, tomorrow I´m having an Asian Themed Bachelor Party![roll eyes, again]

It was so funny that, this morning my boyfriend was helping me to get the music (as there wil be geishas, they requested Geisha Music, which I had absolutely no clue about. Then, I decided to get all the Asian music I could get, no matter if it was Japanese, Chinese or whatever-ese... and then I would choose the ones I liked the most. Then, my Hero, Super-Boyfriend, started guiding me through every Movie Soundtrack about the War of Japan we could find. He´s everything... and I´m marrying him!!!!

Ok, this post is finished untill sunday, when I´m sure I´ll be able to post pics about my geishas and my own GeishaBoy (who is in danger since Alexis knew he was performing at the party) But before you go, lemme share with you a gem i found. It is so fucking good that Alexis himself had to call me from Miami to listen to it.

I wont give you any clue... just click, listen, and laugh!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine´s fever!

OMG OMG OMG OMG! I think this was the craziest Valentine´s week ever.
So many things,
so many surprises,
so many laughs,
SO MUCH LOVE. (and its only tuesday)

  • THE WEDDING.- Ladies and gentleman, the date is up: I´m getting married next March 18th, but nobody could tell this story better than my handsome Hubby-to-be did on his site. you can read his post HERE.

  • HEALTH.- I had a new appointment with my inmunologist and she decided to slow down my medication again, now I´m only taking 2mg per day (once I took 1000mg - yeah three 0s)

  • THE TRIP.- I finally got the AA (AMERICAN AIRLINES not related with the drunkies) tickets and Alexis helped me to get my Health Enssurance account, in case, as he said, I fall in love with a blond blue eyed flight atendant and he had to bite me to death.

  • THE VISA.- Everything is ready and set up for nxt tuesday when I have the appointment at the US Embassy...*sigh*

  • THE GIFT.- My Valentine´s gift from my belobed boyfriend came right on time from the post office... it was a great experience to unwrappe it in front of the computer while he was a continent away listening to my ohhhhs and ahhhhhs by Skype. As always, he could find a new way to melt myself and love him every minute more.

  • THE BACHELOR PARTIES (Yes, plural) .- Two Bachelor parties has been set up this week. Thr first one, a Oriental themed Party (with geishas included) will be this saturday at Maku´s house (Remember that place where that marvolous Halloween party was?). And a new party will be the next Saturday (25th) in a pub from BA Downtown... I´m terrified about that one, is organiced by lesbians and you all know how bitchy this girls can be)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

NEW HAIR........................

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This is the Song my adoreable friend, Mariano Salvay is about to release. I begged him to postx a preview ofhis album here and he agreed. Give yourself 3 minutes and listen to this wonderful piece off art. He wrote the lyrics, the arrangement and he plays all the intruments (and back voices).

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MUSIC makes the people come together!

Another weekend, another birthday, another party...

This time: Alita.
Alita is one of the Angels that came to my life because of the music. She´s a singer, we used to sing togheter in one of the many choirs i was a part of. I love her...

And of course, to be in her birthday party ment to see again a lot of old friends that I haven´t seen in years. (She lives far from my place, and all these friends are so busy and apart from each other that just the idea of get them all together in the same place makes you cry the happy tears.

You might all remember that, since I got ill, I couldn´t sing properly due to a Parkinson-klike trembling I have in my throught. Nothing serious, but fucked enough not to allow me to sing.

Believe me, it is very hard not to be able to join your friends to sing along when one of them picks a guitar up, more if your friends are all singers-musicians, more if you used rtto be one.

One of them, the Gloriously talented Mariano Salvay, is about to release his first Album, and we had the priviledge to listen a few tracks of it... I begged him to give me a song of his to share with all of you, I´ll try to post it later. (there was a few Copyright issues to attend... as if I ever care about them!)

Ok. I´ll see what I would do. See you all later! MWAAAAAAHHHHH

Friday, February 03, 2006

There´s always a first time...

Mhh... I´m all Sticky, wet and I smell...

Wow, that´s a great way to start a post, don´t you think?

But no, I wasn´t in a wild orgy (I wish I was), no... I just got back from Daniel´s Birthday Party... no, there wasn´t a wild orgy there either!!!

Everything was so pretty, all my crazy friends were there, Maku (co-writer of my last play), my go-go girls, and of course, Hot Daniel and his hilarious husband Emilio (leading actor on my last two plays).

My loveable go-go girls performed a sketch I wrote for Daniel (my B-day gift) and they were amazing, he just loved that 15 minutes lil´play and we were all so happy...
After we had dinner and Hot Daniel blew his candles (32) Maku suddenly decided (not even God knows why) to throw her piece of creamy birthday cake on D´s face.
Then, D´s Hubby replied with his own piece, he failed, then Maku´s husband aimed on the b-day couple, but this time with the chocolate sauce...
and that was the beginning of a half hour persecution between two guards armed with every "eateable" and "drinkeable" thing they could find in the house:
-Chocolate Sauce
-Meat (!!)

We were like 15 lunatics throwing food at each other.... I can´t say it wasn´t fun but... uh... I still have caramel in my hair...

This was my first FOOD FIGHT, the only thing that worries me is that these are the same lunatics that are planning my BACHELOR PARTY...
yes, you would worry too...