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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Now that all the tears (and the tearing apart) are gone, I feel its time to sit down and write about my Interview at the US Embbassy in Buenos Aires...

I arrived to the Embassy 45 minutes before the time my appointment was scheduled (as they suggested) to find like 100 people queueing to get into a very small door (yes, it was small!) with dark glassed windows on.
I only had to show my cane to jump the queue and give the annonymous guy behing the tainted glass my endless forms (religiously filled the day after) and my passport .

Then, I was "able" to get in and after being examined like one of those guys you find in the jail themed gay porn movies (no, no thaaaaaaat deep examination... no! nobody found the atomic granade I had hidden in my rectus!!) I was given sit on the "Visa and Inmigration Hall" where I had to wait and bite my nails retaining my own urine for two endlesses hours.
Then the miracle: My name on the speakers telling me to go to box eight with a very poor and uncomprehensible Spanish.

From this point until the end, all became amazingly fast, almost surreal.
The interview I was getting ready for the last four moths only took five minutes.
A few simple questions, kind (yes kind!) reactions to my answers... "where are you going?", "for how long?","What do you do?", "are you flying alone?"....

Then he (The consular officer) smiled and said: "HAVE FUN"

Ian_ I´m sorry??

C.O._ Now you must go to the DHL window to arrange how your passport will be
dellivered straight to your home...

Ian_ but... what´s the next step?

C.O._ (smile) no next step (wink) your visa has been just approved.

Ian_ (gulp) thank you?

C.O. _(smile)

So... Ladies and Gentleman. I´VE GOT A US VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!

READ MORE ABOUT THIS ON ALEXIS (as always, he found the words i couldnt find)

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