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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MUSIC makes the people come together!

Another weekend, another birthday, another party...

This time: Alita.
Alita is one of the Angels that came to my life because of the music. She´s a singer, we used to sing togheter in one of the many choirs i was a part of. I love her...

And of course, to be in her birthday party ment to see again a lot of old friends that I haven´t seen in years. (She lives far from my place, and all these friends are so busy and apart from each other that just the idea of get them all together in the same place makes you cry the happy tears.

You might all remember that, since I got ill, I couldn´t sing properly due to a Parkinson-klike trembling I have in my throught. Nothing serious, but fucked enough not to allow me to sing.

Believe me, it is very hard not to be able to join your friends to sing along when one of them picks a guitar up, more if your friends are all singers-musicians, more if you used rtto be one.

One of them, the Gloriously talented Mariano Salvay, is about to release his first Album, and we had the priviledge to listen a few tracks of it... I begged him to give me a song of his to share with all of you, I´ll try to post it later. (there was a few Copyright issues to attend... as if I ever care about them!)

Ok. I´ll see what I would do. See you all later! MWAAAAAAHHHHH

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