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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, March 31, 2006

THE INNER CHILD.....well, not tht inner...

One night, while we were at Disney (I think it was during our visit to the MGM Studios) I ran into a toy store and stayed there for a half hour buying everything I could find, and believe me, you can REALLY find a lot in a Disney store.

It was a very funny scene:
Ian in a golf car, driving high speed around the store, throwing all dinosaur-action figure-lazer pistol-Stich puppet-Mickey Mouse he found in a lil' basket, while his husband was nodding and giving him the eye...
"what?... there are a lot of kids in my family!"

That was the perfect alibi... until we got back to The Palace and... ehem...
I started playing with the toys during the Music Conference Party celebrated here last weekend.
A soon as I showed the lighting toys to the crowd they got crazy and everyone wanted to see them, touch them and play with them... while my husband was nodding and giving me the eye...
"what? ...oh, the kids in my family... I can always buy them chocolates!"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"One Ring To Rule Them All" or better: MY RING RULES!!!

Even though it was supossed to be a surprise, months ago, a few days after the proposal, my then fiancee, now flamboyant and always handsome husband, under the effects of having Bloody Maries for breakfast during the last 70 years, told me the whole story about the wedding ring.

As usual, he found the way to perfection.

Since the beginning, our relationship was full of, um, symbols (?) ok, I wanna say that lots of things got a new strong meaning for us (maybe that's what love ussually does to people).
But, back then, My boyfriend decided to take the whole thing to a higher level, and, of course, Norma (Desmond) had to stop talking about her silent movies of the past and to prove (again) that she was "Mad about the Boy"...

So she took a 350 B.C 24k gold coin from her private collection and had it made into a ring. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

As you can see in the picture above, the coin (ring) shows the portrait of Alexander III, yes, Alexander The Great wearing a lions head as a battle helmet.

The coins of Alexander III and his portrait have been object of interest and study since the late Antiquity. His image, struck in gold or silver has been considered as an amulet and many rulers of the Antiquity, as Augustus and Caracalla have been attracted by the Alexander's character.

We must consider the economic meanings of Alexander's conquest: founding colonies and new cities, with the character of Greek way of life, he revitalized the lowering level of Greek cities' trade. So his tetradrachms became the currency of Greece and of the former Persian Empire, and their typology became a topic for many decades after his death.

And now, after 2350 years it also symbolizes the love between two souls that found each other in the cyberspace and decided to share their hearts and to build a future together TILL DEATH DO THEY PART.

I love my hubby!

Here's an example of the original coin.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Honneymoon a la Disney

Where's the bitch??

Sunday, March 19, 2006

THE WEDDING - First Pictures

Thursday, March 09, 2006

PERFECTION II - A week in paradise

Y es, today it's been a week since I got here and, as you all noticed, I wasn't feeling like posting and lemme tell ya why:
Posting is all about words, when posting, a blogger gotta find the right words to express what he needs to express... and that's the way a blogger gets to his loyal readers... words.

Well, it seems that, since I arrived to Miami, I just couldn't (and still cannot) fiind enough words to describe how I feel... I think there's only one who gets closer to reality than the others: PERFECTION.

I'm in love, I'm being loved.
(And fucking like a porn star rabbit)

Please, feel free to join our journey (not the rabbit porn star part you perv!) in my boyfriends site: http://themrsastor.blogspot.com/
he, unlike me, is posting pictures and comments everyday(!!!) And, as usual, He really knows how to deal with words. (AND I LOVE HIM!)


Friday, March 03, 2006


My dear friends
Since I got here yesterday morning, everything's been like living on a FAIRY TALE but OH SO REAL!
Since I still don't have a computer of my own, I wont be able to post but please, feel free to follow all our adventures together on my boyfriend's site.
You have no idea of how wonderfully happy I am!