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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"The Family"

As you all know by now, this friday I´m joining "The Family" in South Beach to attend to several Halloween events and to deal with the threats and dangers of a very organized Gay Mob (yes, that thing they call "court intrigue") .

Fortunatelly, I wont be alone with my silver cane, my husband (all dressed in a Baby Jane dress) already got a safe haven for us to be protected (yes, a hidden room behind a liquor store - so clever!).
Rumour says the Great Countess Bedelia herself is placing her gangboys (Brian&Bennet) around her gardens, conspiracing to get the biggest amount of drink tickets (Florida currency) before her arrival.

oh... it will be fun...

crazy, but fun!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I love this show!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I love HEROES, it´s a terrific show.
The opening was the night of my birthday and a half hour (or less) minutes lates, the chapter was availeable to download (on the darkest corners of the p2p crimeboards).

Since that night, my friend Guillo and I became the (only?) two argentinian fans of this show, waiting every week for the following 30 minutes after the show when the files start to come up on the downleable lists.

I can´t remember the last time I felt so crazy about a tv show and I gotta admit I can´t wait to see it showing in my country, everyone who watched it at my house went wild and I really don´t know why it´s not on here yet.

Here´s NBC´s official trailer:

And HERE´S my HEROES infatuation: Adrian Pasdar.
I first met Pasdar back in 1996 when he starred PROFIT, an amazing 8 episodes mini-series about an ambicious and mercyless yuppi scum trying to succed in Manhattan.
Since then, he´s been part of several tv shows and movies but, for me, he will always be Jim Profit. (and a loveable memory of my youth)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yesterday the family decided to go out and enjoy the wonderful springtime weather we have in Buenos Aires right now. I always say that September and October are the only nice months to live here.
We took Teo to a park and he loved it, oh I wish I could take him with me to Florida...

ok, I need to stop writting now, he just came into my room holding a ball on his mouth... and that means he wants to play... AGAIN!

see ya letah!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Robbie Williams, a night to remember...

And The Bitch finally went to the concert.

Monumental Rivert Plate Stadium(sold out) 65.000 souls, fireworks lights and Robbie Williams performing an amazing two hours show.

It was a great party, everyone in the audience was singing along all the hits (eventhe TAKE THAT songs)

He even stayed after the show, singing songs ´acapella´The audience almost died and kept asking for more!

Claudia and I went to the stadium early so we could get the greatest place availeable (There were no seats near the stage, only stand-up locations) There was a spot specially reserved for handicapped people but it was placed too far from the stage (near the Bathrooms, ewwwwwww), so we decided to get through the crowd with the wheelchair... AND WE DID GET CLOSE TO THE STAGE!!.

People think I´m crazy, but I had a wonderful night with a crowd jumping and dancing, singing and screaming, surpriseed to have a guy on a wheelchair between them, but happy to know we were all having fun!

and I will never regret it.

Friday, October 13, 2006


I´m going to cellebrate Halloween in South Beach with my Husband!!

We´ve been developing this plot since my birthday but now the Tickets have arrived I finally dared to spread the word.

I´ll keep you all updated about this wonderful trip that will allow me to meet all my friends again (The Gracious Countess Bedelia, My cousin Officer Brian and his Adorable bf Benett are joining us from Massachussets to attend the Save Dade Halloween Ball) and, of course, to enjoy the embrace of my kind, handsome and above all things "hype" husband, Alexis.

Another surprise is to finally meet my Sister in law, The Countess duBarry from Newport who will also visit Florida during my trip.

I´m so Happy!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dying in espectation

This saturday is the oh-so-espected ROBBIE WILLIAMS concert and, as you know, I´m just dying to see this wonderful show and I still can´t believe I got the tickets.
Here´s a lil´video of the AMAZING opening of the show.
Enjoy it!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wild wild week

It is not easy to accept that, after month of working, The Play is finally "playing".
It was a hit, and, as I wrote a few days ago, it´s such an honor and a priviledge to witness this group of kids growing up as artists.
I know one day they will look back and, while remembering the greatests moments of their lives, this week, and my face, will certainly come up in their thoughts.


Mom and the Bitch after the show

on thursday a school bought 300 seats for their kinder and first level pupils.
we gave them a private show.

They loved it!
After the show, the cast jumped off the stage to talk and take photos with the children...
did I ever tell you how much I HATE CHILDREN?

Monday, October 02, 2006


"LA COMPANIA" THEATRE - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"El Reino de los Tres Sueños" (The Three Dreams Kingdom) Opening Show

"El Reino de los Tres Sueños" tells the story of three kids who find a box burried in the backyard...

The box contains the clues to find a door to a kingdom where the Queen, a wise, crazy, funny and mischevious woman, is famous because she has the ability of making people´s dreams come true...

This musical adventure will take these kids (Tomas, Caroline and Lucy) to the Queen´s court where they will have to convince her about how important their dreams are... touching this woman´s heart will be the only way to make them come true...

or is there another way?

"It´s easy to believe in magic, but I´m no Magician, I don´t have a magic wound, I´m not Tinkerbell, Magic is just an ilusion...Follow your heart, put your trust to the test and fight for your dreams (..) you gotta be strong, brave, you´ll never loose your hope if you trust your heart (...) the answers are inside you, if you find them, you will find the way to be happy"
The Queen.

The entire cast

Miry Perez (producer) Maku Malanchuck (choreographer) and Me.