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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bloggyversary and The End of the World...

Two years ago, on a very boring New Year´s Eve, getting through the first stages of a "weird" ilness (that stayed until today), being trapped in what I thought it was a lil´broken but happy 3 years old marriage (stoopid me) living again on my parent´s (cuz of my ilness) and spending more hours than the ones I had sitting in front of a screen... I started a blog.

This lil spot on the cyberspace once called "Welcome to my Soul" soon became a truly two-way highway where info and feelings were running fast-speed back and forth all the way from the outside world to the bottom of my heart.

Happyness, love, fears, challenges... they are all here. My love, I found it here too, we´ve met through our blogs and got married on Florida last March. My friends, several of them foreign bloggers. My plays, I had the chance to share details and pics of every opening night. My fears, every new step on my treatments, every fall... it´s all here.

Back then I didn´t know I was going to find so much love, beyond the "hits" I got on my stasts... I didn´t know I would have so many friends... I didn´t know I would have so many partners on this long wicked road... on that life that was about to change...forever.

Tomorrow I´m flying to Antartica to celebrate New Year´s Eve at The End of The World and, of course, you all will be there with me while raising my glass on the tost.


and, again, THANKS!

Ian Ivy du Bois

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Countess!

Today one of the most wonderful woman on earth is celebrating her Birthday...

No fools, it´s NOT Madonna, it´s the Blingalicious Countess Bedelia.

Everyday I thank fate for giving me the joy of being surrounded by amazing people.

You are used to hearing me refer to them as ANGELS, but she is A GIFT.

I love you Maureen

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After the Nightmare... The Xmas tree...

Well, actually before the xmas nightmare was over, we sat around the table to have a umh... feast and open presents...

Mariano, my lil´bro, is helping me to open my present...

what did Santa brought me this year?
Have I been a good boy?...

My eyes can´t believe what they´re seeing!

No, it can´t be...

A MY LITTLE PONY DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I´ve been dreaming of those
little horses since I realized I was gay!

(I think I was 4 years old then)


Dear Santa,
Thank you so much for making my childhood dream come true.
I promise you I´ll try to do my best to be a Good Boy next year.

Give my hugs to Mrs. Claus, the elf, Rudolph and the rest of the reindeers.
x x x

PS. Do you still have any Barbie´s Dreamhouse left?

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Xmas Nightmare...

"Yesterday afternoon another huge sudden storm came up from nothing. It was very scary, and - again - I had problems with the roof on my room... But sleeping with water drops around my bed was not the biggest p`roblem I had to deal with...

Suddnly a huge (huuuuuugeeeee) thunder fell nearby the house (remember my neighbourhood is located near the forest, a few miles away from the airport area) and, though I had protection on almost every electric goods we have, the electric shock was so big that my DSL Modem was (literally) BURNED.

So we got up this morning and drove by every single computer store we remembered to get a new one (they musyt be no more expensive than DLS150) but, on xmas eve, everything was close.

And we ended up on the evil empire... Yes...WAL*MART,,, ON XMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too crowded, too crazy, too stupid... And worst, they didn´t have any Modems left (who´s kid in the fuck´s sake asks Santa-fucking-Claus a modem for xmas??? ...

We ended up (after more hours than the ones I dare to count) borrowing a modem from a neighbour, who kindly gave up the idea of being on line during xmas.

Not the end of this dilemma, that modem didn´t work either... It seems that not only my DSL modem was burned by this thunder ray... But also the DSL company had problems of their own...(I feel like living in CALCUTA!)

So not only I must buy a new Modem but also I have to wait for the company to fix everything...

And all during xmas weekend (no stores, no customer support, no nothing)

I´m using now a stupid and VERY SLOWWWWWWWWW free dial up service that only allowds me to send this email and a few VERYYYYYYY FEWWWWWW other lil´things...

At least the air conditioning is still working (thank god! Its 96ºf out there!!!!!)

And remember my family is DRIVING all the way to antartica next Tuesday...(I´m leaving on a plane to met them there on the 31st morning)

So im freaking out thinking that the hell im gonna do in the house, with my grandma (the bitch one, she will be staying with me during these days)

And without Internet!!!!!!!!! I wanna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I´ll try to be on line as long as I can but I doubt if I could talk by skype with this SLOWWWWWWW dial up service... Butwe can still chat on msn!"

Friday, December 22, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Chemo Day everyone!!!


I guess I´ll be drowned on a NARCOLEPTIC ocean again. But with this kind of crap you can never know.
In the meantime, enjoy this bounch of pictures Mom took the other night after Teo and I fell asleep on the living room´s floor while watching TV.

oh gawd! I can never had enough of this dog! He is such a good company... even when I´m sleeping!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The story behind the Pictures

Have you seen the pics on my last post?
Hell no, I´m not doing drag shows, nor became a nun... Those pictures were part of a set we created for this year´s San Telmo Festival in the heart of old BA neighbourhood.

Every year, for the aniversary of its particular flee market, San Telmo celebrates a wonderful and "unique" festival where Tango&Theatre are the Great Divas.

For this occasion, the stands in the flee market performs on a staging contest, where the mayor challenge is to come up with a new "original" idea, and we are talking about the most creative people in the BA art world.

The Contest consists in creating a "stage" using the Flee Market Stand space, this means picking up a "theme" and build a structure using a 6 x 4 feets spopt. This way, the Flee Market turns into a beautiful exhibition and its members, in full costume, becomes very sspecial pieces of a funny "freak Show".

This way, year after year the constestants performances are more sofisticate and the challenge (I love that word) of coming up with new ideas gets harder and harder...

For those of you who don´t remember, HERE is the link to my last year´s post about it, where I breafilly tell the story of how I was invited to write and direct a play for this contest.

What I never told you is that spoof of Helen of Troy got the first place and a Golden Medal(!!!) so this year I was again invited to be part of it.

I was going to be in Miami by the time this contest would be taking place so we tried to get all details done by then... and we did.

We created a 1920´s scenario where, during one of those endless mob wars, Billy Joe, a very famous criminal, known as "THE MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES" had scaped from Jail not before swering he would take revenge of the ones who betrayed him.

This stage had a huge fraim with the diff´rent "faces" he was portraited with... showing how impossible was to recognice him because of his awesome costume& make-up talent.

...of course, the joke was he appears with almost tjhe same "face" on each picture.

"The unrecognizeable Billy Joe, a story of crime" got the Golden Medal on November 19th and also won the first prize.

My team became Second Year Consecutive Winner...

yes, you can clap now...

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Monday, December 11, 2006

A Gay Hero?

You all know by now about my pathological devotion for NBC´s sci-fi drama HEROES.
So you must underestand my surprise about this new polemic decision
of "streighten up" one of its characters.

Apparently, to have a gay rol is not a good thing for NBC... While the character ZACK (played by Thomas Dekker) was concived as a high school gay teenager, Dekker´s Managers started to pressure Heroes´ writting team to make him "straight".

Here´s the link to a very interesting articule about this crap.

And here´s the scene the articule is talking about:
November 20th episode of Heroes (titled “Homecoming”) Claire and Zach are walking through school when a rival cheerleader says something about Claire taking the “gay-boy” to the Homecoming dance, and that maybe he should be the one wearing the tiara. Claire punches the girl in the face, knocking her out cold.

Later in the episode, Zach climbs into Claire's window to encourage her to go to the Homecoming dance, despite being grounded. When she asks if he wants to be her date, he says he can't, for “millions of reasons”. He then launches into a heart-to-heart that is both encouraging to gay teens and incredibly frustrating in its refusal to commit.

Claire asks if he can't be her date because of what the other cheerleader said, and Zach says that he doesn't care what she said, that he knows who he is and is proud of it. He's more worried about Claire, who can't come to terms with her own “otherness”. He says, “You've got to embrace your inner freak … the only thing you'll regret is denying who you really are.”

Many viewers took that exchange as Zach's coming out.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Man in my Room...

As most of you know, when the first symptoms of my illness came up two and a half years ago, i was forced to move back to my parents´ house. Before then I was enjoying the pleasures of a three-year-rotten-marriage in a very snob beautiful apartment, a half block from everything, in the heart of B A Downtown.

No matter how traumatic the things I was getting through were , the biggest shock was to find myself living again in my old room, a room that had been completelly redecorated by Lucas (Stupid Brother) who had been living there for four years since I first moved out.

One of the things he had brought to my room was a huge portrait of a fisherman (???)


I started asking everyone in the house where the hell that thing had came from ´couse, secreatelly, I knew I had seen it somewhere before...

This piece of art was hanging on one of my aunt´s walls when I was a lil´kid. It´s one of the first pieces made by Ofelia V, my aunt´s mother in law who has become a very well known artist nowadays.

Believe it or not, it is made by stitching Needlepoint and its scary the way she managed to capture that expression on his eyes with only a few colored cords and a needle...

The piece is untitled, and its from 1963, now proudly shown in my bedroom, at the top of my bed... a man with no name, a Guardian of my dreams...

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I bought a AC System for my bedroom!!!!!!

As I wrote to my hubby this morning:

"ok, I´m broke again, but just the thought of avoiding BA January and febrary´s heat makes me feel like a millionaire"

and the bes thing is you won´t read me ranting about this , this or this anymore!

(Thank you Alexis, Thank you Keith, Thank you Peter)

PS, "I miss you"