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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Xmas Nightmare...

"Yesterday afternoon another huge sudden storm came up from nothing. It was very scary, and - again - I had problems with the roof on my room... But sleeping with water drops around my bed was not the biggest p`roblem I had to deal with...

Suddnly a huge (huuuuuugeeeee) thunder fell nearby the house (remember my neighbourhood is located near the forest, a few miles away from the airport area) and, though I had protection on almost every electric goods we have, the electric shock was so big that my DSL Modem was (literally) BURNED.

So we got up this morning and drove by every single computer store we remembered to get a new one (they musyt be no more expensive than DLS150) but, on xmas eve, everything was close.

And we ended up on the evil empire... Yes...WAL*MART,,, ON XMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too crowded, too crazy, too stupid... And worst, they didn´t have any Modems left (who´s kid in the fuck´s sake asks Santa-fucking-Claus a modem for xmas??? ...

We ended up (after more hours than the ones I dare to count) borrowing a modem from a neighbour, who kindly gave up the idea of being on line during xmas.

Not the end of this dilemma, that modem didn´t work either... It seems that not only my DSL modem was burned by this thunder ray... But also the DSL company had problems of their own...(I feel like living in CALCUTA!)

So not only I must buy a new Modem but also I have to wait for the company to fix everything...

And all during xmas weekend (no stores, no customer support, no nothing)

I´m using now a stupid and VERY SLOWWWWWWWWW free dial up service that only allowds me to send this email and a few VERYYYYYYY FEWWWWWW other lil´things...

At least the air conditioning is still working (thank god! Its 96ºf out there!!!!!)

And remember my family is DRIVING all the way to antartica next Tuesday...(I´m leaving on a plane to met them there on the 31st morning)

So im freaking out thinking that the hell im gonna do in the house, with my grandma (the bitch one, she will be staying with me during these days)

And without Internet!!!!!!!!! I wanna cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I´ll try to be on line as long as I can but I doubt if I could talk by skype with this SLOWWWWWWW dial up service... Butwe can still chat on msn!"

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