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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Lady SnowBlood" by AlejandraKalnisky

I´m very sick after a severe reaction to my current month quemotherapy session. It took me to ER for two days. I´m not going into details, I´m just gonna say I´m devastated...

I know you all will understand.
I don´t think I could blog anytime soon.
i´m sending all my love for those who are still fighting.

I´m not acting a Drama Diva role here, it´s just that I dunno what to say anymore.



Monday, January 22, 2007

The "End-of-the-World Station", where the "Fueguian South Railway" arrives is in the outskirts of the city of Ushuaia, 8 kilometers west, in a valley between Mt Susana and Le Martial range, along the banks of the Pipo River. Also known as "End-of-the-World Train", its attractiveness is due not only to its elegance and style, but also to its historical context. On this train, the inmates of the erstwhile "Ushuaia Prison" -a penitentiary which is intimately related to the development of this attractive and picturesque southern city- were transferred to their forced labor camps. The narrow-gauge railway is propelled by steam engines and has at present elegantly ornamented wagons.

Today, a visit to the "End-of-the-World Train", will enable the tourist to learn about the history of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, its prison (wich will have thhe DIVA attntion on my next post) and what once used to be the prison train. Dazzling landscapes with snow-covered mountains, rivers, lakes, cascades and virgin forests in the Andes Cordillera, are all to be found in this unique trip, which lasts barely over two hours.

Once in the Central Station, there is a model of the "Prisoners' Little Train" and you may take one of the old paths used by the prisoners decades ago to provide the community with wood. Besides travelling through centenarian forests, rivers, valleys and peat mosses of great beauty, the journey includes a stop at La Macarena Fall, from where you may either go down to an indian camp typical of one of the four aborigine communities that inhabited Tierra del Fuego since immemorial times, or climb up to the source where the cascade originates in Le Martial range.

Traveling along the meandering Pipo River the train goes through areas which still show the trace left by the prisoners on their daily routine of cutting down trees for almost half a century of uninterrupted work. On certain assigned days during the high season, after going round the edge of the peat moss, typical of Tierra del Fuego, over which grows a moss called Sphagnum, the train arrives at the "Park Station", where you can enjoy a meal or a drink at the "bar wagon" and use the restrooms available in specially furnished wagons.

The whole journey is done in the company of a bilingual guide (English-Spanish) who explains in detail the history of the "Prisoners' Train".La Macarena fall Station after a sudden Snow storm.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mountain Tea House

Ushuaia has the southernmost (everything on this place gets that adjetive) Tea house of the world and, even before I arrived I knew about their famous chocolate delicities... And it didn´t matter if I had to climb a whole mountain to get there, I had to try them!!!

Well, we didn´t have to climb... but this cute "rolling stoned road" was a real pain in the ass to walk with my cane (I only walk on yellow bricks, this was oh-so-new to me!)

Indeed, the pastreys and their hot chocolate were amazing!

what???? did you think that I was actually ordering tea????

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The HANDICAP POWER reached the Great Glaciar

The great glaciar Perito Moreno, one of he World Natural Wonders, located in Santa Cruz - Argentina, is one of the most wonderfu travel destinations in the planet.
This endless block of ice has the size of the whole Buenos Aires city and was truly another amazing stop of my trip.

To get the greatest view of the glaciar you must descend a 1000ft. catwalk (stairs included) with absolutelly nop disability access (yeah, I´m still bitching about it).
It was a big challenge, but worth the effort. You can see my wave to the National Park Administration on the last picture.

Friday, January 12, 2007

More Ushuaia!

I´m back!!!!!!
What a trip!... just amazing, full of surprises and wonderful landscapes.

Ushuaia is certainly "the" place to visit at this time of the year, not only because of its nice weather but also because the days are longer than ever (the sun goes down around 11pm and it raises at 3am) and that means more hours of fun visiting the most exotic locations at the "End of the World".

I was so surprised to find so much history and curiosities related with such a far-away place... as soon as I get my memory card back (I accidentally left it behind, and now, while I´m waiting for it to be shipped, I could only rescue a few of the 1453 pictures I took) I´ll be showing pics and sharing memories of this unique trip of dreams...

Let´s start with a few...


Hotel del Glaciar is an exclusive five-star located at the base of secluded Martial Glacier, overlooking breath-taking scenery of the Beagle Channel and the majestic Andes.

It was very nice to end one of those endless afternoons having Coffe Specials at its bar while whatching the white mountain tops mixed with the iced water of the Bay.

The fire corner, with its views of natural beauty, creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy intimate afternoon teas or great variety of cocktails at sundown.

A place to regret not to have the one you love with you to embrace him.

An outside view from the Hotel

Another curiosity: How in gay hell this London Bus got here?????????

This is the exhibit of how delicious the Southern chocolate pastreys and cakes are...

Note: This website accepts donations for the Complex liposuction required to get rid of the fat gained around my belly and ass areas. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The End Of The World (first images)

Yes, we finally arrived on December 31st afternoon(!) ready to have a New Year´s Eve Feast after flying for hours.
The fist sight you take of Ushuaia from the air is a magnificent view of huge green mountains (yeah, green, I also thought there were no trees downhere), for those who remember the first Jurassic Park movie, the view is similar to the one on the scene where the helicopter approches the island... a wonderful paradise.

Another unespected surprise is the weather...
Not THAT cold, actually, at this time of the year, you can even get a nice tan from this southern sun (not recommended because we are almost under the Ozone hole).
Going out with a hat, sunglases and a sweter it´s all you need to deal with the temperatures here. (Be sure to add a cover or poncho to deal with sudden cold winds and ice-like showers and you are done!)
Note: I´m not posting pictures with my poncho on!

I took the chance to send a few postcard from it, I thought it was a nice touch.

I neeed to get a HANDICAPPED POWER PICTURE with that background.

So much more to come... internet here is not very good to post much, but i´ll try... someone asked for some penguins, I heard...