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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crazyness Never Ends...

We finally (after several attempts) had our End Season Dinner with the kids of the cast.

And, of course, they were all there to cellebrate another year of success with this company.
It was, indeed, a very good year for all of as (regarding to our play and "other stuff")

What a blast we had! with desserts they got several gifts, including a copy of their play recordings and not-too-big but considerable bonuses.

But as we all (mischivious bitches) know...LIFE´S NOT FAIR

So, to get those gifts, they had to get through several steps (torture), such as "create a human machine" (pictures) or "create a song using the chorus of (insert popular song here) telling the stoy of (insert subject here)"

No need to mention they all went home full of presents.

They are young, talented and very creative...

and we are EVIL!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


SHAKIRA has finaly arrived to Buenos Aires in another attempt to contaminate the world (and its poor habitants´ears) with her hedious music and her horrible voice (not to mention her ridiculous accent) and it seems half of this city had just lost its mind.

Since this weekend started, 8 diff´rent people came up to me with the question:

"are you going to Shakira´s concert?"


I hate her, I think her voice is awfull, and no matter how "spectacular-Spectacular" her show could be, there´s nothing in the world that could make me sit for two hours listening to that lamb-vibratto...

No fucking way!

This is a lil´taken of this Tour. what do you think?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This New Year´s Eve I´m flying down to "The End of the World" to attend a ´Unique´cellebration at the world´s southernmost civiliced place in the globe, the Wonderful Ushuaia.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world, is the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antártida and South Atlantic Islands.

Situated on the border of the Beagle Canal and surrounded by the Mounts Martial, this city offers a unique landscape in Argentina made up of mountains, sea, glaciers and woods.

Its capricious topography has generated an extremely picturesque city that combines colours and unevenness with the silhouette of the Andes Mountain Range as background. it is important to note the building contrast between the modern constructions and the wooden houses with gabled sheet metals that give it a particular characteristic.

Its climate, in spite of its geographical situation, is not as severe as it seems, since both the mountains and the sea soften it. In winter, the snowy landscape changes its physiognomy. There are several winter centres for the practice of cross-country skiing; and in the central part of Mount Castor, Alpine skiing can be practised.

The summer season is ideal for the adventure tourism activities such as trekking, horseback riding, mountain byke, sporting fishing and the most astounding tours along the Beagle Canal, Cape Horn and even the Argentine Antártida. During this season, several cruises reach the port of Ushuaia bringing numberless groups of tourists willing to meet all these attractions.

The city comprises a very good lodging and gastronomic infrastructure, where you can try the traditional fueguina spider crab surrounded by the frame of a prodigious nature.

The Ferraros family is hosting a NewYear´s feast and nobody wants to miss that...

The landscapes are a dream-come-true, as their culinary treasures & pastreys.

One of the main atractions is this lil´island. It´s lighthouse is worldwide known as "El Faro del Fin del Mundo" (The End of the World Lighthouse) and its the last thing built in the continent before the Southern Pole. Beyond this point... ANTARTICA.

So get your fur coats and fasten your belts cuz THE BITCH IS GOING SOUTH!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A New Angel

Oh yes... I know the ones who have been following this site since the beginning are rolling their eyes after reading the title of this post...

Yes, there´s a new Angel flying around me, but this time I won´t end up marrying him as I did with the last one.

Colin entered my life as "just another reader", a comment, a link, an email address and then (you know how it is) an endless email exchange that showed me, one more time, how great and generous Internet can be.

I won´t make a list of all the things C and this Bitch found they have in common (besides being both so fucking sexy), or how many times a few words spelled on a note made me smile and forget the bitterness of a not-so-simple episode of my everyday fight.

During my last trip to Florida (thanks to Mark&Louis birthday present) his text messages followed me all the time and my replies ("KEEP SMILING" ) were another loveable "touch" this wonderful trip had.

What can I say about Colin?
Imposible to find the right words to describe an Angel (I´m still trying to define Alexis) but for all of you out there, just consider the fact that he won a place on my chorus, and if you really know me, then you underestand how important this lil´man from Houston has become in my life.

He just adopted a Handicapped Bitch for himself (a lovely three-leg Chihuaua called Anne Marie) and admitted to had become another "HEROES" Fan...

...Let´s face it, Colin... you are desperatelly in love with me!

C has a very interesting blog "A'int it Funny How?", makes his own wine, has been beaten by a drunk girl twice, and is one of the brains behind www.onlythefabulous.com, a growing on-line community I have the honor of being part of.

Oh yes... He is one of those guys who enters your life witouth knocking the door...

...those you never want to leave...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Satin-Healed Disappointment

Tonight I finally watched Sofia Coppola´s Marie Antoinette.

Since we firts heard of the making of this movie, Alexis and I were looking forward to watch it, we even talked about going to the theatre together during my stay in Florida (of course we never made it, there were too many events to attend and so lil´time) .

Well... after almost a year and a half of espectations I was able to watch a copy of this film at home... and now my wrists are bleeding...

Fucking Sophie!... did you have to turn one of the most fascinating moments in world history into a XVIII century version of Big Brother???????????

The movie ended up being the most boring two hour (feels like 4) fashion show/costume parade I´ve ever seen, I hated it... (as I hate the need of turning your sight from the screen to the watch several times during a film.)

I´m so sad!
This could have been a wonderful movie!
production is impecable, so does the photography (except for those hedious blured scenes)
The cast is not always brilliant or no brilliant at all (except for the Dunst Girl, who´s acting I admired since "Interview with the Vampire")

The screenplay... horror, the music, worst, the dialogues, poor and the Direction was WRONG WRONG WRONGGGGGGGG and that´s a capital sin in this case...

...after all we are talking about MARIE ANTOINETTE.

As I said, Costume and Set Design are IM-PE-CA-BLE but they ´re not enough to waste two hours of your life.


Big Boy!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ian´s Belated B.Day Party a la South Beach

Everytime I say that I had no idea about the plans of having a Birthday celebration in Florida after a month of my real birthday date, I get "the eye" from my skeptic friends. But it is the truth!

While I was getting ready for my oh-so-expected trip to Miami Beach, emails were flying between South Beach and Transylchusetts, plotting about this surprise and even exchanging photos of potential locations.

It was until The day before my flight that I´ve been told I was about to have "another" B.Day Party and, of course, couldn´t say no (as if I wanted to!)

Alexis picked up the phone and voilá! Twist opened their ´infamous´ Bungalow Bar just for Us.

In most of the cases it was my first chance to see again most of my friends in the US, that added a the feeling of a delicious scent spreaded all over the the room. n thepicture above,, Countess Bedelia is welcoming me with a hug while Bennet smiles in the background.

Princess Ileanna von Hollandaise

Just bebore the Gifts openning, I had the honor of being awarded with the hereditarily-purchased title of Princess Ilana von Hollandaise by The Court assembled and The "gracious" Countess duBarry as the Master of Ceremony (a.k.a. Fairy Godmother).

Sillyness is such a great thing when it becomes a way of living!

As long as we don´t get adicted to it...

A lavish grilled lunch was hosted by That Pimpernel, our Swiss banker, Chris

The Countess and Alexis helped me to openthe presents, THEY WERE FAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HALLOWEEN 2006 - South Beach, Fl

After a very turbulent 8 1/2 hours flight (and after 12 hours of sleep) I am finally home and able to post again.

This trip was fabulous in every aspect I could think of... it was full of fun, love, great friends, great parties, and above all things... MADNESS!

It was really hard for us to stay in one piece being trapped between so many events in the Lalaland of Joy and endless cocktails... Alexis and I almost fainted away after ten days of non-stop gatherings, but let me tell ya, love&fun is the greatest medicine a handicapped boy could get.

The main Event of this trip was the Amazing Save Dade´s Halloween Ball at the Miami Childrens Museum.
"The Family" got together the day before with huge boxes and suitcases contaigning the most wonderful costumes a party like this ($150 a ticket)required.

Our choice (Alexis´ idea) was a noble tribute to WHATEVER HAPENED TO BABY JANE? where I performed the abused Blanche Hudson (Joan Crawford) and my beloved husband (kicking, slapping and "abusing" me) performed a lil´over weighted BABY JANE HUDSON (Bette Davis)

As you all can see in this pictures, details were everywhere, since the ice-cream cones Jane has in the end of the movie...

...TO the rat.
Here´s part of "The Family" posing on a huge shell.
From L to R: Ian Ivy (Blanche Hudson), Alexis duBois (Jane Hudson), Peter duBarry (La Maja), Mark (Fallen Angel) and The Countess Bedelia (as Herself)

It was shocking to see the cover of the Miami Herald one morning... everyone in Ssouth Beach was talking about it. It seems one of the Thousands pictures we made that night at the ball was for The Miami Herald... AND WE GOT THE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!

The text to the left read: "Ian Ivy (left) and Alexis duBois reenact a scene from the movie, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" during SAVE Dade's annual Halloween extravaganza Saturday at Miami Children's Museum on Watson's Island."