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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A New Angel

Oh yes... I know the ones who have been following this site since the beginning are rolling their eyes after reading the title of this post...

Yes, there´s a new Angel flying around me, but this time I won´t end up marrying him as I did with the last one.

Colin entered my life as "just another reader", a comment, a link, an email address and then (you know how it is) an endless email exchange that showed me, one more time, how great and generous Internet can be.

I won´t make a list of all the things C and this Bitch found they have in common (besides being both so fucking sexy), or how many times a few words spelled on a note made me smile and forget the bitterness of a not-so-simple episode of my everyday fight.

During my last trip to Florida (thanks to Mark&Louis birthday present) his text messages followed me all the time and my replies ("KEEP SMILING" ) were another loveable "touch" this wonderful trip had.

What can I say about Colin?
Imposible to find the right words to describe an Angel (I´m still trying to define Alexis) but for all of you out there, just consider the fact that he won a place on my chorus, and if you really know me, then you underestand how important this lil´man from Houston has become in my life.

He just adopted a Handicapped Bitch for himself (a lovely three-leg Chihuaua called Anne Marie) and admitted to had become another "HEROES" Fan...

...Let´s face it, Colin... you are desperatelly in love with me!

C has a very interesting blog "A'int it Funny How?", makes his own wine, has been beaten by a drunk girl twice, and is one of the brains behind www.onlythefabulous.com, a growing on-line community I have the honor of being part of.

Oh yes... He is one of those guys who enters your life witouth knocking the door...

...those you never want to leave...

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