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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Satin-Healed Disappointment

Tonight I finally watched Sofia Coppola´s Marie Antoinette.

Since we firts heard of the making of this movie, Alexis and I were looking forward to watch it, we even talked about going to the theatre together during my stay in Florida (of course we never made it, there were too many events to attend and so lil´time) .

Well... after almost a year and a half of espectations I was able to watch a copy of this film at home... and now my wrists are bleeding...

Fucking Sophie!... did you have to turn one of the most fascinating moments in world history into a XVIII century version of Big Brother???????????

The movie ended up being the most boring two hour (feels like 4) fashion show/costume parade I´ve ever seen, I hated it... (as I hate the need of turning your sight from the screen to the watch several times during a film.)

I´m so sad!
This could have been a wonderful movie!
production is impecable, so does the photography (except for those hedious blured scenes)
The cast is not always brilliant or no brilliant at all (except for the Dunst Girl, who´s acting I admired since "Interview with the Vampire")

The screenplay... horror, the music, worst, the dialogues, poor and the Direction was WRONG WRONG WRONGGGGGGGG and that´s a capital sin in this case...

...after all we are talking about MARIE ANTOINETTE.

As I said, Costume and Set Design are IM-PE-CA-BLE but they ´re not enough to waste two hours of your life.

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