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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Robbie Williams, a night to remember...

And The Bitch finally went to the concert.

Monumental Rivert Plate Stadium(sold out) 65.000 souls, fireworks lights and Robbie Williams performing an amazing two hours show.

It was a great party, everyone in the audience was singing along all the hits (eventhe TAKE THAT songs)

He even stayed after the show, singing songs ´acapella´The audience almost died and kept asking for more!

Claudia and I went to the stadium early so we could get the greatest place availeable (There were no seats near the stage, only stand-up locations) There was a spot specially reserved for handicapped people but it was placed too far from the stage (near the Bathrooms, ewwwwwww), so we decided to get through the crowd with the wheelchair... AND WE DID GET CLOSE TO THE STAGE!!.

People think I´m crazy, but I had a wonderful night with a crowd jumping and dancing, singing and screaming, surpriseed to have a guy on a wheelchair between them, but happy to know we were all having fun!

and I will never regret it.


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