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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, October 02, 2006


"LA COMPANIA" THEATRE - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"El Reino de los Tres Sueños" (The Three Dreams Kingdom) Opening Show

"El Reino de los Tres Sueños" tells the story of three kids who find a box burried in the backyard...

The box contains the clues to find a door to a kingdom where the Queen, a wise, crazy, funny and mischevious woman, is famous because she has the ability of making people´s dreams come true...

This musical adventure will take these kids (Tomas, Caroline and Lucy) to the Queen´s court where they will have to convince her about how important their dreams are... touching this woman´s heart will be the only way to make them come true...

or is there another way?

"It´s easy to believe in magic, but I´m no Magician, I don´t have a magic wound, I´m not Tinkerbell, Magic is just an ilusion...Follow your heart, put your trust to the test and fight for your dreams (..) you gotta be strong, brave, you´ll never loose your hope if you trust your heart (...) the answers are inside you, if you find them, you will find the way to be happy"
The Queen.

The entire cast

Miry Perez (producer) Maku Malanchuck (choreographer) and Me.

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