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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

IAN´S TWILIGHT ZONE -TODAY: "6 Degrees of separation"

WELCOME TO MY SOUL sould have been named WELCOME TO IAN´S MAGICAL TRAGICAL CRAZY AMAZING FREAKY WORLD. and I think I skipped a lot of adjetives on that title...
This will be a post serie dedicated exclusively to all those incredible things that happened in
my life (the ones that deserve to be part of THE TWILIGHT ZONE)

6 degrees of separation

A few years ago I started dating a very nice guy, I mean VERY. so we end it up in a formal(?)
relationsip wich in that stage of my life (I think I was 20) meant "I have his appartment keys" I don´t think I have memorable stuff about this guy (Matt) to share with you, except the fact
that, a few days before we first met, he was "dating" another guy (let´s call him Ronnie).
I knew everything about Ronnie but his name, Matt told me about him, that he had a crash on the guy, that he was really confused about the whole meeting situation (At this point I gotta say
that our first date was not actually a "date". I found Matt some months earlier on a chatroom
that I used to visit a lot. we became chat friends an then, someday, we decided to have dinner
togheter and believe me, THAT WAS ALL...then, we fell in love -or whatever you wana call it).

Ok, we were a couple but, as both of us were really known in the chat, we decided to keep it
secret, (I insisted on that!), just to avoid mega queer gossips. And this pact between us lasted
until our chat channel annual reunion, when we said what tha hell! and went to the party as
formal boyfriends, calling everybody´s attention when we entered the room.
everybody...including Ronnie.

FIRST SCARY FACT: In that party I realized that Ronnie was actually a "friend" of mine, that used to chat with me everyday about "the man he loved who had dumped him because a son of a bitch had stolen his love from him". YEAHHHH I was that son of a bitch... and I didn´t know it until that night. Can you believe it?
Another thing to point out is that was the night they saw each other again for the first time
since I came up into Matt´s life... and, of course, the beginnig of my nightmare.

RESUMING: Matt felt he was a mountain of shit, bla bla bla, that he had played with Ronnie´s feelings, bla bla bla... and without telling me, they started to speak on the phone again... see each other again... and you-know-what again...

THE RESULTS: (readed on loud with my best VELMA KELLY´S TRIALVOICE) I came home this one night and found Matt a little nervious, yes, I was there earlier than usual, and I noticed he was uhhhh stupiderrrrrrrr or just a little confused, with a pathetic scratching-my-head look. "we need to talk" (I hate that frase, guys why r u still using it?) NOT ONLY I WAS BEING CHEATED THE LAST TWO WEEKS, THAT NIGHT, RONNIE WAS COMING TO HIS APPARTMENT TO "HAVE A TALK" WITH ME..
People says there´s always a first time for everything... and as I´m not a violent kind of guy, i had never punched anyone in mylife... until that night. I LEFT MATT WITH HIS LEFT EYE LIKE A FUCKING PANDA BEAR, AND (LIKE ELVIS) LEFT THE BUILDING. (then I found RONNIE on the lobby, I just said "take care of him" and never saw neither of them again in my life.).
END OF THE STORY but not this post.

Matt passed to inmortality as THE MAN WHO CHEATED ON ME, and I must admit that he really broke my
heart, ´cause treason is something I just can´t stand.
SO, the title of this post will take us to my ex husband: Augusto (I got married twice).
We were happily sharing a nice appartment in the very heart of B A Downtown. Augusto deserves a special chapter on my personal history... yes, after a while thigs didn´t work out, but our love is like the ones you find in movies, and I´m still blessed with his friendship today.

NOW WE CAN GO INTO SECOND SCARY FACT: Augusto and I were talking during dinner about chatrooms, internet, and related stuff, so the story about MATT came up, wihout details, just resuming how crazy that coincidence about Ronnie as my chat friend was.
Days after that we had this conversation:

A. Ian, u used to chat in Undernet channels right?
ME.Yes. why?
A. it´s nothing... I think u know a friend of mine who used to chat in there...
ME. really? what nickname?
A. oh, I don´t know... he lives in (ADRESS) he has a flat.. he´s 29
ME. (blush like a mandril´s ass) and his name is...MATT?
A. oh, so you know him!
ME. (paralized) ABU, MATT is the one I told you about... remember the other night?
A, oh... your ex bf.
He became a little whiter... and remained silent for a few minutes, then he went to our library
and took a vhs from it... and said"let me introduce you to FATTY MATT" and showed me the vhs cover. It was a very old picture of a group of students and I readed on loud "ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROM 1992" and yes, the childish versions of Augusto and MATT were togheter in the picture. THEY WERE BEST FRIENDS SINCE THEY WERE

i can still remember him telling himself: "I CAN´T BELIEVE MY BOYFRIEND FUCKED FATTY MATT...

JUST LIKE ON TV but these are real!



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