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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Endless Night Chronicles:"Hooked up on a Straight restaurant"

Here we go again with another Buenos Aires Endless Night Chronicle.

This time: Miri´s Bday at Moliere.

Moliere is a very popular restaurant in the heart of San Telmo (The neighbourhood famous because of Tango and antique stores - read more HERE). One of the most peculiar things about this place is that after dinner (around 1.00am) they remove all tables and reopen their doors as a Discoteque.

When the girls of the cast decided to celebrate Miri (The Producer)´s birthday on a place like that I rolled my eyes... I didn´t like the idea of ending up stucked with my cane on a chair waiting for a bunch of whores to stop dancing to go back home, but what-tha-hell I said yes.

We had a great time, and enjoyed a very classy Tango show with dancers, singers and orquestra.

With the Bday Girl... No, we were not drunk, we were just answering the question:

"guys, did you like the food?"

As you all noticed I was the only boy on that noisy table... my ears still ache!

Maku, her Wilma Flinstone necklace and I.

The Trilogy of Terror:
Producer, Choreographer and Director.

The whore teambefore insanity began.

Annd now: the funny story of the night

When the disco opened, the place was packed with a huge crowd, mostly men (to satisfy my whores´expectations) a wild group of boys approached the ladies and danced with them for hours. I decided to sit on a corner where I enjoyed a full view of all the sins that were taking place on the dancefloor.

Then I noticed that one of these guys was looking at me (Gosh! he was hot!) and I laughed when I saw that the girls were trying to get to him... or to get him.

To my surprise he smiled and came to my corner holding a drink, he yelled (the music was too loud) "why aren´t you dancing with your friends? would you please dance with me?"
I was shocked, and started laughing, I didn´t want to start explaining that I was a clipple and that I certainly can´t dance.

By the moment he tried to sit on the chair next to me, Mary (the blond with curly hair) sat on my lap, hugged me and yelled to the guy "he´s mine".
It was very funny to see this guy´s expression when he stepped back saying "oh, I´m sorry" and went back to his group.

A few hours later we were heading the door, and the guy could see me holding my cane and being assisted to walk, then, while we were walking by him, he smiled and said: "now I undertstand why you were not dancing, remember you own me a dance I know that will happend..."

On the way back to my place, Helen told me he had asked her if I was Mary´s Husband and when she laughed and yelled "oh noooooo" He said he wanted to meet me but he gave up when she told him I was married.

crazy uh? I finally got home around 6am had breakfast and went to bed giggling.

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