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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, August 14, 2006


It happened, after three wonderful months of a "nice" treatment with almost none side-effects, the third application of the drug attacked my liver, giving me a hard time for the last five days.

I had to stay in bed from saturday morning till wednesday, then I decided to stay up even though my entire body ached and the room started spinning everytime I closed my eyes.

Now I´m feeling a lil´bit better, if it wasn´t for this fucking cold I got from nowhere (remember my Inmune System is like a joke everytime they insert this drug into my veins) and this Fran Dreshered tone in my voice (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mr Sheefielddddddddddddd) I would be the same Cutie (yeah right) I´ve always been.

Plus the whole sickness, Elektra, my Super Computer, decided to break down and went to Service twice in a week... I was desperate... you know this is the only window to the real world...

But, as I told Alexis, we will be fine...
He says it´s just a matter of time...

I just want to be happy...

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