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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


After several years of planning, and thanks to Showcenter Complex (and, of course, their 8.2 million dollars invest) in late April 2006, Buenos Aires finally welcomed the amazing 3D IMAX Theater becoming the SECOND CITY in South America with this kind of entertaintment high technology. (The first one was Guayaquil, Ecuador)

Even though I had invitations to its opening (as I told Alexis once, I still don´t understand why PRs are still sending them... I got sick, I got divorced, I moved outta that appartment and I haven´t been able to attend to any event in almost two years... but invitations kept arriving to my former post address) I didn´t have the chance to go... and the whole "let´s brake the Bubble" thing seemed to be the perfect excuse to jump on my Wheelchair and allow my parents to push it through the Showcenter Norte ailes.

They were playing SUPERMAN RETURNS in 3D!

I was the only member of the family who had already seen it but I didn´t mind to see such a wonderful movie again...IN IMAX!!!

IN 3D!!!

The SUPERGIRL WANNABE is Mom, in this picture performing her rendition of "I Believe I Can Fly"

With Mom & Dad... inside the Theatre domo.

somebody please tell me, why in gay hell the only one who looks like a weirdo in those Imax glasses is me????

ok, I know, Mom looks like she just jumped off her Scooter and Dad as if he had forgotten his snorquel... but me....

suggestions are welcome...


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