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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Norma Desmond Chocolate Box

My beloved and oh-so-infamous-hag, Maria, Countess of Navarro, came by this afternoon to have a coffe at "The Bubble".

If you are not new here, you would probbably remember her from several entries about how crazyness, love and friendship have no limits on her big big heart.

Maria is one of those voices you will always find on the other side of the phone while, crying at 3am, you are calling just to say: "Hunny, I need to smile..."

She always finds a way to surprise me and, no matter how depressed, inflated, ugly, sad, fucked up I could be... she will always make me smile.

remember these?

Maria dressed up as Julie Andrewss singing "The Sound of Music" on my living room(video)

Maria dressed up as a Nun holding a Monkey as the scene from Phantom of the Opera

Well, this time she took adventage of our (Alexis´s and mine) obsession with SUNSET BOULEVARD and its main character, Alexis, I mean Norma Desmond! and she gave me a Box full of chocolates with a porcelain miniature of Norma Desmond she had made with her own hands!


The BOX reproduces the scene when Norma is lying on her divan, smocking her cigarette whatching Joe while he´s reading the script she wrote.

The colors of the robe are inspired on the outfit Glenn Close was wearing while playing the role on stage.

This role was originally played by Gloria Swanson in the 1950´s black & white movie.

PLEASE, the ones who remember the movie, even the detail of her cigarette attached to her ring was taken care!!!!!!!

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