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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Crest

Scelzi is my Mother´s Last Name.

Even though we know there are still relatives alive under this Last Name in Argentina (there is a huge population of "Scelzis" around the Riverside area) the bloodline I belong reached its ending with Mom and her sister (no male brothers in her family).

When my Grandpa turned 18 his father gave him an old scrapbook full of names, articules, dates, notes and stories related with all the "Scelzis" since they came to America (America, the CONTINENT, NOT THE COUNTRY) .

Of course, as any other 18 years old guy in the late 30´s, my Grandpa was a total mess and... he lost that book, a fact that his father had never forgiven untill the day he passed away.

And that´s the reason why neither of us had any idea of where the hell our origin was... actually, several years ago, before Grandpa died, my own father tried a research at the Surname Registry but never succeed. (of course, this was during the PRE-internet Era).


A few weeks ago, Alexis (a.k.a. "the loveable husband" a.k.a. "The" Mrs. Astor, a.k.a. "my angel") had to send me something but, as I couldn´t go out to pick it up myself, he required Mom´s full name so she could do it for me.

Then, and God knows why, he started wondering where that Scelzi thing came from and, on his own, he ordered a research on that family name to "The Historical Research Center" who´s people, right away started looking into their dusty files and sent him the image of the Original Family Crest and a detailed list of the early records where that Name came up for the first time.

When I knew about this I didn´t tell Alexis the old scrapbook story (he´s reading it now for the first time) and, as he decided to send everything as a gift to his Mom in law, I remained silent, he wouldn´t know the inmense meaning this present (HIS present) had and I also decided not to tell my mother a word about all this.

The package arrived yesterday and, as I knew it would happend, Mom almost fainted away when she saw her Last Name under that wonderful Crest and tears of happiness where all over the place...

oh Alexis... you did it again...

IT´S NOT EASY TO BRING HAPPINESS TO A FAMILY AS HURTED AS THIS ONE... and you´ve been doing it non-stop for the last two years.

Thank you Daa´ling...

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