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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I´m ok, happy and still in love...

Another unreleased Alejandra Kalnisky´s shot.

Hello, today, with only two lines on an email, Ted, (one of the brightests smiles on the whole blogosphere) said it all...
I was complaining on being "tired of blogging about my illness and that was the reason why I haven´t posted an update after last friday´s treatment"
He replied:
"Hi Ian!
That's great news. I'm glad that you're fine. And I'm sure it
does get tiring talking about your illness all the time. Just know that you're talking about it a lot because people care and we love you lots!!!"

So... this will be a very brief entry just to let you all know that I´m ok. Everything since last friday has been great and, fortunatelly, NO DIZZYNESS or DOPE STATES are getting over me...

I´m just fine... and very happy...

Thank you Ted... thank you ALL!




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