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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

San Telmo - Tango - Gays & Flee Market

If you are a newbie gay man in town and you want to make friends out of the wild gay nightlife of Buenos Aires, then this is the perfect place for you: The SAN TELMO neighbourghood on a sunday afternoon.

SAN TELMO is that old neighbourhood which is worldwide popular because of the Tango and the Antiques Stores... and the most wanted "get together" of thousands of gay wealthy couples who come every sunday to "buy" articles to "redecorate" their love nests.

This place has a lot of atractions and its one of the MUSTS if you are visiting Buenos Aires. One of these particular attractions is the antiques flee market that is placed on a square, in the middle of the street.

In this wonderful place you can find a store like the one above, completelly dedicated to 19th Century clothing and fabrics, accesories and amazing things like that.

The "flee market" concept doesn´t mean that any of this articles on sale are cheap, actually, as one of the owners of the store told me:
"This is not a place for the poor... if they want to get something cheap, they can always go to Home Depot"

Anyway, Having the money or not, the place worth a visit. You could never know how many surprises you will find behind those tables...

*a chandelier that used to hang from the roof of one of those old BA palaces...

*a dress that could have been used by EVITA herself...

*a sequin pair of gloves with pearls attached, the ones High Class ladies used to wear at the Opera House...

This evil creature is my lil´brother Lisandro pointing at the only hat he found that "he would buy for his eldest macho brother (me)"

Can you believe it?

Did he actually HAVE TO choose the blue velvet one with a flower attached?


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