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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, June 09, 2006

God protect me (him) THERE´S A STRAIGHT MAN IN MY BED!!!!!!!

The "joke" started last monday night when, while "Skyping" with my husband I said:
"baby, I need to make a confession"

"go ahead, but on your knees, please"

"ok, but keep that fly closed... Next thursday night, a Man will be sleeping with me on my bed..."

The thing was that My lil´brother had an appointment with his doctor on friday morning and, if Mom had to take him, there will be nobody in the house to "assist" me (you know, helping me from going to the bathroom to bring me a glass of water) so... I asked Manu to spend the thursday night here.

I assume you all remember Manu, he´s one of my bests friends and so saddly straight.

THIS IS WHAT I WROTE ABOUT HIM NOT SO LONG AGO: Angel #1 , the most loveable straight boy I ever met (I´m sorry Boris), He once came to live with my ex (Jerk) and I to my former downtown appartmen during the first stages of my illnes (he used to take me out to run my wheelchair in the BA fast-speed Avenues). And no, no matter how many attemps I have made, I couldn´t turn him gay (though now he knows the difference between Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabanna)


YES, Dr. Octopus (me) was very excited about the moment this poor soul had to take off his (Wrangler)Jeans to sleep in the only bed I have in my bedroom... and then, the fun began...

Endless hours of jokes, doble sense dards, laughter and a huge numbers of hugs while crying "this can´t be happenning!"

OF COURSE NOTHING HAPPENNED, we watched DAVINCI CODE on DVD and ended up passing out at 4 in the morning making fun of each other and having a great time...a night to remember.... the ones you can only have sleeping with a friend. (yeah, a straight friend).

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