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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


PH: Alejandra Kalnisky

It was last night, at 3.30am when, being known that even under the VALIUM effects I wouldn´t be able to sleep, and after writting the ferocious "tragicomic post" of my adventures at the Public Hospital (House of Pain), I decided to put all my strenght together and write a very hard, moving, desperate, heavy, emotional, heartbreacker, furious, and above all things EXTREMELLY SINCERE e-mail to my Inmunologist, the one who leads my case.

>That email was so heavy that I couldn´t (even can´t now) read it again after I sent it, it included (of course) the link to my last post, the one you all have read.

My idea was to reach this wonderful woman´s heart, showing her my dissapointment and letting her know that, even though I knew she was out of all the horrors I had to get through at the hospital, the damage in my heart and soul was irreversible... as my feelings of being lost and unprotected by them.

The answers started to arrive by phonecalls early in the morning... phonecalls I made Mom get,
a thousand apologyzes and explanations about procedures, medical risks and more thousand blah- blahs...

Then, my Neurologist called, more or less the same... both very worried and hurted about all the crap that had happened the day before...


They finally offered me to make this severe treatment, taking all the risks, taking all the messurements required, taking care of every single detail....BUT AT HOME.


THERE ARE A LOT OF RISKS, most of them rely on the reactions my body would suffer whille that powerfull drug is getting into my veins, but nothing can be compared to the fact that I will be in my own bed while Alexis, on Skype "holds" my hand and then, when I´d close my eyes, everything will be perfect... AS IT USED TO BE...

That´s my hope and THAT´S my idea of a RECOVERY.


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