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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Crazy dummie theatrical sunday

Sunday dummie sunday... that was the first thought that came to my mind when, while planning my day early in the morning, I found out that my entire family were going to the Renault Fuego Club this afternoon...
As some of you may remember, last year my Mom, spend a little fortune to get what it was her dream while she was a teenager...
Well, it seems that all these little freaks who never really grew up and, while getting older, could afford one of these pieces of steel, joined all together to start what they call "a club".

So, every third sunday of the month, a big parade of Coupes Fuego is crossing the BA highways, to get together on a diff´rent point of the city...
Untill this point, sounds like a funny group of losers... but what if your familly decided to join them???
would you scream? I DID.
The least thing I wanted with my nowadays mood was to share the day with the happy family (ala Mickael Landon) with a bunch of gears and car freaks... but I had a play to asist in the afternoon... and I needed the ride...

So what-the-hell, I went...

The car exibition was boring boring boring (I hate coupes, they are unconfortable, expensive and......useless)

I took the chance to take a few pictures of this silly show to share with you...

This is our machine, It´s quite spectacular but so sadly old fashioned... well Mom´s choice!

Oh well, not all was about cars and engines... I did my best to try to find something interesting in the middle of all that dorky enviroment...

IN THE EVENING I finnaly got to the theatre to see my guys play, they were fantastic (as usual) and after the show, we all got together on our own club, The Classic ALCALÁ RESTAURANT.

Where most of our plays ended, having dinner, a few laughs and discussing every project we have in hands.. oh... artists!

I love this people!

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