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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I guess you all remember the stories about my Son Nico who is living in Iowa, US. since he moved there to study (insert whatever the hell related with numbers he is studying) at the University of Iowa five years ago.
Well, I have enough clues to believe there´s something odd going on between my flamboyant, adorable soon-to-be-kicked-on-his-ass husband and my beautiful latin-lover-wannabe lil´(well, not that lil´) son.

Last week, during one of our endless and wonderful phone chats:

Alexis (husband): Did you have any news from Nico?

Ian (meeeh): who?

A: Nico!

I: What Nico?

A: your son! Nico!

I: oh, Nico

A: yes! Nico!

I: ok! Nico! No, nothing since he wrote to say he wasn´t coming to the wedding...

A: oh...

I: why? you know something?

A: (gasp) no, I was just asking...

I: you know something!

A: no, I was just asking...

I: you know...

A: no, I don´t

I: yes, you do

A: no, I don´t

I: He is coming

A: ...

I: does he?

A: I don´t know...(gasp again)

I: now that you mention, I remember a comment of him on my blog saying "get ready for a surprise" what do you know?

A: yes!! That´s why I asked about him!

I: I don´t believe you, I know you too much, you are lying to me...

A: no, I don´t

I: yes, you do

A: no I don´t

I: yes you do...

A: whatevaaahhh

I: whatevaaahhh

So, If my Son is coming, someone´s nose will grow so much that he won´t need hanger holders anymore, for the rest of his life...

as for me, to have someting thaaaaaaaat long coming from my husband´s body, ahem, could be very interesting doncha think?



YUP, I HAVE A teenage SON.
before you all run to get an exorcist, or a mental institution, Ill start to point this clear. Life gave me one of the most wonderful gifts I ever had: the love of a son.This is a very long story, full of joy and sadness, love and hate, tears an laughs. But for the moment, all you need to know about Nikki (my son) is:I met him when he was 17 and right away I became some kind of protector tohim, I was always there giving support and advice, helping him to get through a very particular family situation. (a very hard-to-live one, like taken from a movie). I was amazed with this little guy, and suddenly he was an important part of my life.In the meantime he won a very important scholarship to study in IOWA-USA! so,we started to get the idea of living apart from each other in the followingyears. As the day of departure became closer... this "FAMILY SITUATION" became worstand worst, so nikki spent a few nights at my home with my family.
In one of those endless nights he decided that, from that moment and further I woul be his father, that everytime he would think of me, he would do it as if I were his own father... and that was as crazy as sweet.
since that night he calls me dad. and, believe me, i love him as my own son. Now he´s livig in IOWA, he has graduated a few months ago and he´s planning to hit the big apple.

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