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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, April 21, 2006


oh yes, after 50days in paradise, I´m back at my parents´home in Buenos Aires (I´m sorry, I can´t say it´s my "home" anymore... Alexis´s arms are not here and THAT´S where my new home is).

As it was supossed to, the unpacking was no other thing that a kid version of THE AMAZING RACE, where my lil´brothers (and mom... and dad) were jumping around me like hyenas, laughing and especting the "Disneyworld´s gifts, toys & memorabilia"packages.

It was a hit, and to see their faces worth that extra suitcase my hubby had to buy to carry all these things with me.

Even my Dad was there to play with the huge dinosaur we bought (for the kids, yeah)

by the way, tomorrow I´m going shopping, at the very same moment I finished unpacking I found out I had left all my underwear in Florida so... I´m all natural now and believe me... IT DOESN´T go with jeans.............................................
(it hurts)


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