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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

PERFECTION II - A week in paradise

Y es, today it's been a week since I got here and, as you all noticed, I wasn't feeling like posting and lemme tell ya why:
Posting is all about words, when posting, a blogger gotta find the right words to express what he needs to express... and that's the way a blogger gets to his loyal readers... words.

Well, it seems that, since I arrived to Miami, I just couldn't (and still cannot) fiind enough words to describe how I feel... I think there's only one who gets closer to reality than the others: PERFECTION.

I'm in love, I'm being loved.
(And fucking like a porn star rabbit)

Please, feel free to join our journey (not the rabbit porn star part you perv!) in my boyfriends site: http://themrsastor.blogspot.com/
he, unlike me, is posting pictures and comments everyday(!!!) And, as usual, He really knows how to deal with words. (AND I LOVE HIM!)


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