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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine´s fever!

OMG OMG OMG OMG! I think this was the craziest Valentine´s week ever.
So many things,
so many surprises,
so many laughs,
SO MUCH LOVE. (and its only tuesday)

  • THE WEDDING.- Ladies and gentleman, the date is up: I´m getting married next March 18th, but nobody could tell this story better than my handsome Hubby-to-be did on his site. you can read his post HERE.

  • HEALTH.- I had a new appointment with my inmunologist and she decided to slow down my medication again, now I´m only taking 2mg per day (once I took 1000mg - yeah three 0s)

  • THE TRIP.- I finally got the AA (AMERICAN AIRLINES not related with the drunkies) tickets and Alexis helped me to get my Health Enssurance account, in case, as he said, I fall in love with a blond blue eyed flight atendant and he had to bite me to death.

  • THE VISA.- Everything is ready and set up for nxt tuesday when I have the appointment at the US Embassy...*sigh*

  • THE GIFT.- My Valentine´s gift from my belobed boyfriend came right on time from the post office... it was a great experience to unwrappe it in front of the computer while he was a continent away listening to my ohhhhs and ahhhhhs by Skype. As always, he could find a new way to melt myself and love him every minute more.

  • THE BACHELOR PARTIES (Yes, plural) .- Two Bachelor parties has been set up this week. Thr first one, a Oriental themed Party (with geishas included) will be this saturday at Maku´s house (Remember that place where that marvolous Halloween party was?). And a new party will be the next Saturday (25th) in a pub from BA Downtown... I´m terrified about that one, is organiced by lesbians and you all know how bitchy this girls can be)

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