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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Technicolor Oscar

Yesterday, after Sil sent me a note about a post on a fellow site (www.chudas.com.ar) announcing the "Gay Oscar" I went mad.

The articule was talking about the great chances movies like "Brokeback Mountain" or "Transamerica" have to hit the Oscars night according to the number of nominatoions they had to The Golden Globe. (BM won 4)

But my negative reaction to the whole thing was cuz of one comment a reader left saying something like "I´m so happy that hollywood is not discriminating a movie because of its gay content"

Now lemme try to translate part of the comment I left after hers:

"sadly, I am not that convinced that a big number of nominations to a movie like BM is a step forward to a NON-DISCRIMINATION of a movie because of its GAY CONTENT. On the contrary, THEY ARE discriminating.
Two years ago, Hollywood was jumping and cheering when, after 4.000 years, Hale Barry, an african-american (yeah, black) actress won the BEST ACTRESS Oscar. Untill that moment, african-americans seem to have no chance to win, cuz of being BLACK.

Then last year, another unespected (?) moment, at the Oscars several LATINOS were taking the golden dolls home, or you thought the fact that Jorge Drexler, that lil´Uruguayan monkey who calls himself a composer&song writter whose only only talent is putting an entire audience to sleep with his dorky songs has kicked the very Andrew Lloyd Weber´s white ass winning the Oscar to the BEST SONG was casuality?? good luck?? merit?? ....
Untill that moment, LATINOS seem to have no chance to win, cuz being BROWN.

HOLLYWOOD bets are in minorities...

first, there were the african-american (BLACK), then, there were the Latinos (BROWN)... AND NOW THEY´RE KNOCKING AT MY DOOR (PINK GLITTER)

Ian Ivy du Bois"

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