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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, December 26, 2005

A Cinderella X-mas Story

Picture taken before I left to Gladis´Party

Merry x.mas dear readers!

First of all, I gotta say even though this was a lil´strange holiday celebration for my family (it is the first x-mas without my grandmother "Elsita", my second mom, who died early this fucking year) we had a nice dinner, happy faces and, of course, tons of presents!

that xmas is not about gifts??
who´s born?? Jesus who????!!

Anyway...I had very special gifts, in some cases I was literally FORCED to accept them (yes, you know who you are and what I´m talking about) but you all know how it is, and I´m waiting for my time to revenge.

But this post is not about xmas, it is about the night before xmas eve...

I dont know is this thing is taking place in other countries, but here in Argentina is tradition that when a girl turns 15, her parents give a huge fancy party where the "quinceañera" has to dance a waltz wearing a huge bride-like dress. This night is very expected by family and friend, and by the girls, of course, who dream about this night since kindergarden.

Gladis is one of the dancers at the Company I´m directing, she performed a very funny rol on my musical for kids and I gotta admit she has stolen my heart the night of the first auditions. Gladis is problably one of the sweetests girls I ever met, She comes from a very poor family and (as I knew not so long ago), she has no relatives alive...

When someone from the company heard she had never have a 15th party, we decided to surprise her with a huge fifteenthlike birthday celebration to her upcoming birthday last 23rd when she was turning 31 years old.

We had her made a great designer dress, gave her a hair&make-up cmplete makeover, picked her up with a limo and took her to a private ball room when we were all waiting for her, clapping and wearing gala suits.

It was "one of those nights", full of lil´details, the go-go girls gave a show with a song I wrote for her, we hired a singer who sang her favorite songs during dinner, we made a video foe her... and the most important thing: SHE FINALLY COULD DANCE HER WALTZ OF 15th... at 31.


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