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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, December 12, 2005


Hello Dolls and Action Figures!

Since last week I´ve been going through an endless state of Joyfullness (is that a word?)...
I know you all are CONFUSED and all worried about me and all this crazyness I´m up to, please DON´T BE.
As every thing that comes from the deepest corner of the heart, this decition has risen me up and filled every empty hole (don´t be gross! I´m trying to apply a metaphore here!)sorrow has buried in my saoul with joy and happiness.

Since I was a id, I´ve celebrated happiness with music, Singing. There is no good memory from my life when I wasn´t singing... in front of friends, in front of my family... on stage... or to myself.

This time, fate decided I wont be allowed to sing (my ilness) so I´ve been searching between my old records and found THIS FILE http://personales.ciudad.com.ar/ianveneno/rios.mp3
(right click and save or just click to listen.)
The song ( singer, actually) is not good, I know (it was recorded three years ago at somebody´s birthday party) but I´m posting it anyway as a symbolic way to share my happiness with the ones who have been sharing every lil´step I made(my ilness, again), helping me (literally) not to fall.
Yes, I´m a happy bitch.


Comming soon: THE WEDDING FAQ.

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