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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Good News!!

Hello babies!
If you have been reading my site during the last months then you recognice this picture...
YES, I had another apointment with my inmunologist and, guess what?
not only she found me so much better than she thought I was, she also, according to several blood testings and a few other results, decided to SLOW MY MEDICATION DOWN AGAIN from 10mg. per day to 4mg(!!!).

Remember these are the pills (cortizone) that, being so toxic, are making my existance a living hell. (skin spots, stretchmarks, inlfates my body, and a thousand lil´crappy things).

The less drug you take, the less secundary effects on your body.
Last night, after this wonderful news, I just wanted to celebrate... everything is going well!.

Oh, there is another HUGE thing happening in my life right now... some of you, the ones who know what I´m talking about, keep your fingers crossed, the others, please, wish me luck!.

The reason I am not blogging about it yet is because THIS is so big that I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT´S HAPPENNING. And I dont really know where to start...
Wish me luck´
ps.- weren´t those Blondes Jokes a hit?

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