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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Thanks to Veronica, who sent me the invitations for the CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR release party.

I´m affraid I´m not in the DANCEFLOOR DIVA mood today so, I´m not going. But thanks to my new "a guy" Pol, I got my copy of Confessions... and I´m listening to it right now (yes, 3 days before the official world release).

The album is not bad at all, but I gotta say I was kinda dissapointed when I listened it for the first time, in my opinion (gays of the world, don´t shoot me) it wasn´t as DANCE as I thought it would be, I think its more "chill out" and sometimes (most of the time)"trance", wich means that, instead of make me wanna go get my ass moving on a dancefloor, it makews me wanna go get some pot!

Anyway, the album is really worthy and, it far beypond AMERICAN LIFE, and (thank god!) it doesnt include those "I have changed my life", "I love kabalah", " I´m as new person", "I love my kids", " yoga yoga yoga" crap; JUST FUN


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