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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Springtime sunrise

*Click on the picture to enlarge.

OH BOY... what a week. As you may noticed, I decided not to reply one by one (as I always do) the comments you have left on the last three posts. Is not that I am not reading you... your words and thoughts (even a song, thank you J.) ment the world for me while I was in the middle of a storm.
Your love made me high as if I was smoking pot. And I have nothing else to say but THANK YOU!.
OK, It was about time to find a way out from my last week´s depression and, as I always did before, I made a phonecall to my work-a-holic department on friday. I was asked to write a parody of "Helen of Troy" for a Festival in San Telmo and I had been delaying the sit&write thing. It´s scary, but I finished the whole draft (with a song included) in just four hours. I was mad. (actually, the script was pretty good, they loved it!).
But the most important thing here is how my ANGELS came running to rescue me from my own hell.
As soon as they knew I wasn´t OK, they started flying around working hard to bring a smile back to my face.
The first one to call was Glorious DINA, who called me in the middle of the night to kick my ass and send me to a shrink (hehehe), then I got emails from Jeff (The newest member of my angels team) my new son Jesse and the wonderfull ALEXIS, who also called me from Miami on saturday. (I love ya A.!).
I started working as an adviser in my friend and favorite writer Sergio Kohan´s new play so, on saturday, I switched to "work-a-holic mode" again and had a wonderfull time on the rehearsalls. (I think this whole thing deserves a post of its own).
Then, Guillo, my hero, picked me up and, after kick my ass, he took me out to dinner and the movies. We saw the marvalous Tim Burton´s CORPSE BRIDE (WOOOOOOOOW, WE LOVED IT!!! I went with no expectations and I got shocked! what a beautifull movie! I didn´t even know it was a musical!).
Then afterwards I spent the night at Guillo´s place wich was amazing cuz the last time I saw my friend in person (we are bitching togheter on line all the time) was on my last year´s birthday party.
-God how I needed that hug!
And last night, I´ve got a new email from yes-u-know-who-u-are giving me the most wonderfull news I had in the last months...God, I swer I won´t fall apart again! (ok. only just a little bit if I had to).
And for all of you... my heart.

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