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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Monday, September 26, 2005

"The greatest thing you´ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return..."

It´s not easy for me to start this post, as I told Alexis early by email, I´m speechless. There are times when words are useless and the ones I lived during last weekend took all my words away from me. But blogging is mostly about words, and I´ll try to do my best to find the correct ones to express how happy I am.

A few weeks ago I wrote about what MY BIRTHDAYS mean to me, and how special each one of them were in my life, but this one was oddly diff´rent than the others, and I´ve discovered that just in the right moment when the last of my guests left the house (around 6.00am).
As you may know by now, last year wasn´t an easy year for me. (sweety, if you don´t know what I´m talking about, go read "the year of the fall" on my sidebar).

Yes, this time I had "a few" more things to rise my glass and celebrate, and I found them in the eyes of the people who were there sharing love with me.
It was truly a "celebration of life", a moment full of those feelings impossible to describe.
I am happy. Thank you, my friends, you made it real.

This year the party took place at my parent´s house, in Ciudad Evita. And I thought nobody would ever get to come here, happily, I was wrong. We were 34 without counting a few who came early to say hi and haven´t stayed for the party.

The first one to arrive was My beloved Countess of Navarro, María who brought e a wonderfull "Phantom of the Opera" cake she had made with her own hands. It was absolutely amazing and it took everybody´s breath (including mine). It has all the little details such as a big pipe organ, chandelier, curtains, etc.).

Another big surprise was the presence of my dear friend from uomos.com, Paul, who came with his sweet & lickeable husband, Gregorio, and the glorious Dina.(who brought me a lovely dinosaur and a huge Mantecol I ate the morning after, during breakfast).
Paul, I know you have that silly face on this picture but... honney, you have that silly face in all my pics, i wonder why?


My go-go girls (the cast of the musical play for children that I am directing to) were the biggest surprise of this wonderful night.

Suddenly, someone made all of us go to the terrace to watch from the balcony (we were on a 1º floor).
There were my girls, in the garden, performing a mini-show and singing a song they had written for me, it was fantastic!
In the picture I am receiving a copy of the song in a cd ( they had secrately recorded it in a studio during the week)

is not about SEX

it is about POWER

girls have it


(HELP ME!!!)

I have tons of pictures to share with you all, I´ll be posting them during the week.It was a very long weekend, and I´m still getting surprises, such as a recent phonecall from Iowa, My son nikki called me to say happy birthday.I LOVE YOU NIKKI!!!!!!!!

Oh, another hit was from South Beach, Miami. It seems the regulars from THE PALACE, The coolest place to have fun in Florida, had their own Handicapped Bitch B-day Celebration with free cockteils included. All arrenged by my soulmate Alexis. You can read about this here and here. THANK YOU ALEXIS!!! THANK YOU THE PALACE!!! I know soon I´ll be able to share one of those famous Ditmar´s cockteils with all of you!

STAY TUNED (as always)

I love ya!



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