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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dumped (???)

Now it´s oficial: "Ian just can´t have a "normal" Boyfriend like anybody else",

Mr. Di finally called and after another hour of talking abut feelings, fears, insecurities, broken hearts and our actual situations (work, rehab,etc) he told me, between other things, that he´s not ready to start a serious relationship and, even though he felt great last weekend, that didn´t change anything...

Now I´m wondering:" is it me or am I damned to find this kind of tortured souls on my way all the time?"
I just don´t get it, I swer.
I really like this man, why I feel I am making a huge mistake when I put my bets on someone I really care ?.
He says he won´t dissapear, that he wants to stay beside me... I don´t need another friend.
I´m sad. and I hate to admit it.

My B-day party is coming... I gotta focus on next saturday night. SHOW MUST GO ON, SATINE.



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