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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday Evening Fever

This has been a lovely saturday and now, before it ends, I wanna share the fun with you.
This morning I woke up with a smile: My beloved friend from Miami, Alexis, had written me an email telling me that Jesse and Brian (two of the most wonderfull readers I ever had and now, two pieces-of-my-heart owners) had planned a "surprise visit" to South Beach and now they were hanging out all together . In that email alexis promised me to call me and they did it!!!
I´m getting used to Alexis´es sexy "Hannibal Lectered" whispers on the phone and I started missing them during the week (he calls me on weekends) but, when Jesse picked up the phone I was this close to faint away... I´m sorry Jesse! I was so nervous that I couldn´t make a whole understandeable sentence in english!, My speaking disfunction turned worse... poor little Jesse, he was so confused!. Things got back to normal when Alexis picked up the phone again... we talked for a half hour and he finally convinced me to accept his invitation to visit South Beach, we started talking about this a few weeks ago and I was like "mmmmhh I dunno... why don´t you come here? it´s the same distance!!". then he called me bitch... then I call him bitch... then he called me slut... then I called him witch...then he call me a whore... anyway, we love each other and as soon as I could walk without a cane I´m going to Mimi to kick his ass and get a Martini on The Palace.

When we hanged up I went out with my family (Mom, Dad and the kids). We were supossed to go to the country to have some Gaucho stuff but, on our way, we decided to go to a park in the BA southern Coast.

The whole evenning tuned out to be a very relaxing experience, even though I´m not a family guy kind of person, I have to say I really enjoyed spending time with them.

In the pictures above and on the left you can see me having mate (an argentinian infusion) with Mom and Dad (aren´t they just beautifull?)

I´m still trying to find a name to the picture on the right, what about: "FEEL THE HANDICAP POWER!!!!" or maybe: "HEY YOU NEUROLOGICALL ILLNESS, EAT IT!!!"


Later, we went to the FERIA, a place with a lot of stands of peopple selling any kind of stuff, clothes, toys, antiques, art stuff, hats and a thousand etc.

and guess what?


DISCO BALLS???? c´mon!!

(I´m not sure if it was my acute gaydar or if it was them the ones who have found me!)

The evening ended with more mates an huuuuuge TORTAS FRITAS (another argentinian thing)

Noe I´m waiting for Mr. Di´s call (as every night). YES, he´s still calling me every night for hours. Tomorrow night we are supossed to go together to Maria´s. She´s invited us to dinner celebrating the first night of my B-DAY WEEK. But don´t worry, you´ll know everything about it soon.

I love you all!

Stay tuned!



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