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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


After a lot of friends suggesteed me to try it, I finally downloaded the FIREFOX BROWSER only to discover that my blog layout sucks!! and I was oh so proud of my HTML improvements!
I don´t know why the hell my template, that looks good on interner explorer, it´s crossed by awful white lines and half of the things I posted on my sidebar (i.e.my cowntdown clock) are not displayed the way I set´em up. So, if you are using FIREFOX... YOU ARE SCREWED! hehehe cuz I won´t change anything! (I don´t know how *blush*)

My beloved readers:
One of the most wonderful things about blogging is the feedback between the author and his readers. Actuaslly, sometimes (ok, most of times) the things you write on my dinobox are much more interesting and funnier than my own posts. So... my question is: Why the fuck you are not commenting on me anymore???!!! C´mon people! I have (drums background) more than a hundred visits per day and how much?...5 comments?.
So please, PLEASE, P L E A S E, if you are reading this, would you write a little line for this poor lil´handicapped 3rd world country gay guy? C´MON! I´m on my knees begging (God! it´s been long since the last time I was on this position!).

My dear Madonna:
I know you´ve been this close to breake your ass on that horse. I know all that Kabala crap has been melting your brain. I know your new life style as a Stepford wife is hard. I know writting book for childrens is very stressing. I know Guy Ritchie could beas bad in bed department as his latest movie. I know it, I know it. But today I had the pleasure
(?) of listening a preview of the first single from your next album, yes, the one you are planing to release in november... DID YOU HAVE TO USE THAT HEDIOUS ABBA BACKGROUND???
NOTE: The song is called HANG UP and it will be the first single of "CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR" to be released on november 15th. The single does contain a sample from an Abba song Gimme Gimme Gimme. Mhhhh.

If you watch my sidebar (on the left, dummie) you´ll see a little Real Player screen. This means I finally decided to screw all my oh-my-god-this-fucking-pills-are-making-me-look-like-an-aerostatic-baloon-without-a-basquet feelings away and decided to show up on camera wich, unlike pictures, does not allow sellections, light corrections or the magicfrom a photoshot touch . SO THAT´S ME, GET OVER IT! (I´m planning to change the video every week, as I used to do with my EGO-METER pictures, remember?).
I love ya!

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