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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yes, I know it took me more than a week... STOP CURSING ME!!!
Here you got the second part of my HIPPOLIZED Q & A POST.

So, as I´m trying to get over "SIN CITY" and "AMITY VILLE HORROR" swallowing the bitter taste of dissapointment, and while taking my 7th cup of coffe I´m leaving you with our adorable friend: THE HIPPO.

The last thing we knew about our little hero is he was trying to escape from Deanne´s submarines....

TORPEDO 2) When did you tell your family you were gay, and how did they take it?
ok, turn your time machine on and fly back to 1995, I was 15 years old. I sat Mom and Dad and say: " yes, I´m gay". This conversation was the finale act of a few events related with a "new" group of friends I had been hanging out with. (they were members of some MADONNA´s Fan Club -yup...typicall- and they were all queers!). When my Mom, who is no stupid, tried to forbibe me to go see them, I made my speech. how did they take it?
well, at first it was pretty shocky for the three of us, and they said they wanted the best for me... a few month later I´VE BEEN SENT TO A SHRINK. (The storm lasted until I was 19 I guess)

TORPEDO 3)Would you live anywhere else, other than Buenos Aires, and why.
NEW YORK. Since I first saw a picture of it I knew that my heart was beating for her... I used to dream I was working on a Broadway musical. I just love it. And you know how obsessive I can be so... even though I´ve never been there, I know every building, avenue, street and theatre on it.

KABOOM! Deanne missed its target again and asked Wayne to try:

What are your plans for the weekend?
the same we do every weekend, Pinky... try to conquer the world...
Eat lots of candy, whatch a few DVDs and keep listening to WICKED until someone slaps me. oh! and make some hot guy fall in love with me.

Deanne gave Wayne "the look" and said: "was THAT your best shot ? YAY!" but he couldn´t hear her... the UK BITCHES FORCES submarine crashed against a roc and its bitch captain had to swim away from a few cocodriles who were trying to bite her fat ass. (Note: my little revenge to the girl who suggested me this post)
In the meantime, hippo Ian found some plants where to hide and took a deep breath remembering old ostrich´s yoga class but a very weird image didn´let him relax. NOW WHAT THE HELL...??? Guillo, coming from the sky, wearing his "I love Mr. Spock" t-shirt and flying an ENTERPRISE SCALE MODEL made with his own hands, tried his radar asystem on the plants and use his lazer:

My question is...Did you ever get "busy" with Fachi? You never said yes or no when I asked before, so this is a good place to ask :P
I can´t believe (and I think FACHI either hehehe) you just asked me this!, ok First let me introduce F, to my readers. Fachi is, for me, one of the hottest guy I met but he has a very serious problem... he just doesn´t know it!!! Ted, if you are reading, he reminds me you. He is sweet, handsome, his body is just perfect, even my Mom loves him! ( she said:"you should marry him" several times) I´m sure he will be everybody´s son´s perfect father and the truth is I am sexually harrassing him since the very first day we´ve met.
The answer to your question, Guillo slut, would be: we had our action...but remember then he was dating that hedious fag, Einar, and I couldn´t get much... afterwards we became very close friends and you know how sucker Fachi can be about friendship... he respects me so much DAMN! (FACHI: I know you are reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!...wanna fuck? heehehehehe).

Guillo hits the floor, it seems he losrtt controln of the spaceship and ejected himself two seconds before the machine dissapeared in the dust. Ian started running while he heard Spencer driving a jeep with Serra and Ray on the backsit. Spencer went first:

what kind of music you listen to?What kind of guys you like?
MUSIC: all kinds, pop trash, eighties, Jazz and a sever addiction to musicals
GUYS: all kinds, trashy and eighteens addicted to sex ehehehe NOW SERIOUSLY; I know what I dont like fisically, but you never know how would the one you love look like, but as for fun, delliver me a big, white, blonde blue eyed and fit man and I´ll be more than happy.

Serra pointed her arrows at the hippo and shooted:
What one thing did you NOT take with you to rehab that you really wish you had taken?You can't put people in this answer--things means non-breathing objects. Besides, if I let you answer people, the answer would be too easy
I think, more music... and my video-camera... oh, a porn magazine would have helped too!

Ray slapped Serra and said:"hey bitch, let me teach you":

1. boxers? briefs? or boxer briefs?
boxer briefs

2. when was the last time you did Eva Peron drag?
nevahhhh I´m too hairy to drag...

and that´s how Serra finally kick Ray´s ass throwing him out of the jeep... ouch! Thank God our little friend got to the lake... he´ll be safe there. He was thinking about how many things were hapenning to him that morning: "this must be some kind of curse ...I knew I shouldn´t have taken that extra pizza slice last night!"
Hippo Ian sat under a tree and watched the waves in the water...wait,,, this is a fucking lake, waves are not supossed to be here! OH MY GOD, FOR MUFASA´S ASS´ES SAKE, IS THAT ALEXIS?????!!!

To be continued...

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