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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Just after notice this balls spinning, you know I´m happy, right?
Well, I am, not only because as you may thought, I danced (with my cane on) again but also ´cause last night I had so much love around me (no, not that kind of love you bitch!... no! it WAS NOT a threesome!) that I just can´t take this stupid smile off my face. (no!, sweety, this is not sex related... NO, I HADN´T HAD SEX LAST NIGHT!)

It was my uncle´s birthday ( yes, another uncle) and he invited my whole family to his party... I was like "a party?? c´mon! he´s going to be 44 years old, why the hell that huge party?" and as a oh-please-no-more-relatives! person that I am, I wasn´t that looking forward to go... actually I already had arranged a dinner with the whole cast of my play for that night.
Then my Dad (brother of the party guy) insisted with phrases like: "how can you do this to your uncle", "he(my uncle) specially asked me to take you there", "Ian, he´s renting a whole place to do that party", "the entire family wants to see you" and, of course, his best drama queen pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee face... (the one he used every time he saw a Rotweiller puppy on a pet shop, before we bought him one on his birthday) so what the hell, I went to that fucking party.
And then I had to eat all my stupid pre-judgements, my arrogance, my cracked up feelings and my bitcheness...
By the time we entered the place, my uncle started screaming wildly: WAITER WAITER!!! (I was like: "ok, he finally went nuts")
uncle: waiter!!!... fuck! he´s not coming...
Ian: ... (I wanna go home!)
uncle: we need some service here!
Ian: ... (I wanna go home!)
uncle: Ian, you just arrived, would you help me calling the waiter?
Ian: WHAT?? ( I wanna go home!)
And then I saw him... Diego, my eldest cousin, who moved to Barcelona (Spain) two and a half year ago, one of the guys I love the most in this planet, my favorite cousing since chilhood, was coming out from the restaurant kitchen, all dress in white, holding a plate and bringing me that marvalous smile I´ve been missing so much since he left Argentina
He had arrive to BA. just a few hours earlier and it was his first visit since he moved out.
I´m still feeling the warmth of that endless hug he gave me... then he whispered to my ear: "Ian, you have no idea of how much means to me to see you standing up again" (He knew every detailñ about my ilness but, he had never seen me ill)
If I´m wipping now that I´m writting about it, just imagine how I started to cry then.
The party, besides my uncle´s b-day, was a surprise he and cousing Diego organized secretly when they knew Diego was coming (not even his parents knew he was coming).
We talkedd a lot, he´s doing great on abroad and I found him really happy ( and fat!!!)-
So... I loved to finally have him with me again, and as u may thought, I enjoyed every minute of this party, even the "dancing" part.
What if I haven´t been there?... so the lesson of the week should be:
I´m so happy!

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