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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Louise, The Bone Eater"...

Remember this puppy?, well, after all those years being sitting by that megaphone (or whatever this thing was) this poor dog must be deaf right now... like most of the people this post is about (me included).

Louise, the bone eater is no other thing that a misheard version of Madonna´s classic: "La isla bonita"...yes, can you believe it?

Has ever happened to you that you were singing a song for years in a wrong way BELIEVING that you were right until somebody said: "Hey ya jerk, are you deaf or what? is not like that!" ?... well, I found a site where you can submit all those stories related with mistakes in lyrics and, of course, read more than a thousand hilarious and unbelieveable misheard crap such as:

Song: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Artist: Wham!
The real lyrics were: Wake me up before you go go
But I misheard them as: Wake me up and throw your cocoa

Song: Dressed For Success
Artist: Roxette
The real lyrics were: Dressed for success
But I misheard them as: Dressed for safe sex

Song: Ironic
Artist: Alanis Morissette
The real lyrics were: It's like rain on your wedding day.
But I misheard them as: It's like radiation on your wedding day.

Song: Stayin' Alive
Artist: Bee Gees
The real lyrics were: Ah, ah,ah,ah, Stayin alive, stayin alive
But I misheard them as: Ah, ah, ah, ah, Stay in the light, Stay in the light

Song: Torn
Artist: Natalie Imbruglia
The real lyrics were: I thought I saw a man brought to life.He was warm.He came around like he was dignified.He showed me what it was to cry.
But I misheard them as: I thought I saw a man born to life.He was warm.He came around like he was circumcised.He showed me what it was to cry.

Song: Lady Marmalade
Artist: Christina Aguilera Mya Pink & Lil
The real lyrics were: Guichie guichie ya ya yaMocha Chocolata Creole Lady MarmaladeVoulez vous couche avec moi
But I misheard them as: Hoochie Hoochi ya ya yaCroak-a Choke a lot aBe your Lady MarmaladeBooley Bo Coochie In my Car


Song: Like a Virgin
Artist: Madonna
The real lyrics were: Touched for the very first time
But I misheard them as: Tight for the very last time (!!!!!!!!!!)

YES... THIS PEOPLE MUST BE DEAF, but I had so much fun hitting the random button once and again, and again, and again...

I highly recommend it for those boring moments between tasks at the office. Get your coffe, relax and laugh.




(click on the picture to go deaf!)


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