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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"The eating machine"*

*this post is dedicated to CoffeDog, who will think I´m a hedious "puppy hater".
Hello folks!
Lately I´ve been in a rush all the time, my days are running so fast (and so damned slow at the same time!) that I couldn´t write much, even though there are lots of things I really really really wantd to share with you.
I´m freaking out with my rehab threathment, the gym, the play, my divorce (that keeps sucking my brain, heart and soul out!) and the fact of getting used to live in suburb hell (as Ms. Bees Kness called my new neighbourhood) again.
But, in order to put a little smile on your face, I have this funny story:

Two posts ago I told you about our -little beast- new member of the family: Mr. B.B. von Trueguen, our three month little Rotweiller "puppy"
yeahhh right!, I know you found him "cute", bla bla bla, but the point is that sharing our lives with him has become a day-after-day learning... and the first to get close to "totally fraked out" level was Mom.

The little 20kg monster is eating (if you allow him) all day long, I mean, not only his own expensive and specially prepared food, he eats everything he can reach... from meat (that he loves to steal while Mom is cooking) ONIONS!! he took from the kitchen, to a vegetarian salad he "borrowed" from my lunch. (yes, this is maybe the first ROTWEILLER that eats lettuce and soybeans).

But the problem started when little B.B. decided to try our styled wooden furniture...
yes... little pieces of wood were coming up in our living room... and I noticed that the lower part of the furniture had bite and scratch marks that weren´t there before...
of course that, untill we found the little beast "eating" one of our chairs´es legs, nobody believed me because "I was over-reacting" "how could I ever imagine that such an angelicall little creature would ever destroy something??? (angelicall my ass!).

So, when the little monster was caught with "his hands on the plate"(almost literally talking) my Mom asked my little brother (10 years old) to go get some
Aloe Vera, wich is, if you don´t know it, a plant well known because of its curative virtues (they use it in every body-milk) butr more known because of its bitterness. Yess, is one of the most disgusting flavors you could ever taste. Mom´s idea was to put some of ts juice on the wood so, when the puppy decided to have some antique wood for lunch, its new bitter flavor made him change his mind.

Afterwards, Lisandro, my little brother, came into the house with a huge Aloe plant in a bag and, in a hurry to be the next one playing Playstation, he left the bag open in the kitchen´s floor.
It was later, when my Mother asked him if he had brought the plant home and togheter, they went to the kitchen to find that even the open bag was still there, the plant was gone....

Yes my friends, it seems to be that my little dog is a bittered taste food fan, I´ll take him with me next time I´ll go to a french restaurant. That if he doesn´t eat me first!

The BEAST(My Brother Lucas) and the BEAST


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