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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, May 27, 2005

"WHY AM I CRAZY???" (chapter one)- OBSESSIONS: yup... I´m a phantom freak....(featuring María as "The Nurse")

As you may remember.... I am one of those PHANTOM OF THE OPERA FANS, yeah...like all those dumbasses that had waited in lines last week in full Star Wars costumes to get tickets to see the last (last? isn`t it the 3rd of six??) part of this dumby trylogy (again, aren´t they six??). They are called freaks... and, even though I didn´t wear a White Half-faced Mask when the Phantom movie arrived to Buenos Aires cinemas, I have no problems to admit that I have serious problems if we are talking about how obsessive this little guy can be when he founds something he really really really likes.
It happends all the time, maybe it´s a Movie, a song, an album... and since I got a copy, I´m pllaying it again and again all the time until someone, who can´t stand it anymore, slaps me or kicks my lovely, georgeous argentinian white ass.
But there´s always been someone who stayed beside me supporting all this sillyness, because we usually have the same taste in music & movies, because she´s as obsessive as I am and, of course, because she´s as crazy as I am.
Her name is María and she is the only friend I still have from high school. (not an entire blog would be enough to tell why I only made just one friend in my day-after-day-in-hell- high school).

And this is the story that made me introduce you all to her...

Before start, I gotta say that it will be easier for you to understand this post if u had seen the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA MOVIE, if not... ok I´ll try to explain it as well as I could:

The movie starts (as the stage musical does) in an aution where a very old man buys a Musical Box with the figure of a monky attached, discover on the vaults of the Opera House after the "famous disaster"... it happends to be that this old man is Raoul, lover of Cristine, the singer who was "enchanted" by a dark angel of music´s voice (the phantom) who had been secretaly teaching her in misterious singing lessons, falling in love with her and haunting all living creature that fights against the planns he has for her. (includding get laid, of course).
This is when the movie turns (differently from the stage musical) into a huge journey this old man makes to the cementry, where Cristine´s grave is, to delliver her this Musical box, putting it in front of her tombstone as some kind of freaky and poetic (?) tribute to her love. So, all the phantom´s story is presented as flashbacks the old man has during this sad trip. So, I think this is all you have to know untill you see it. Oh! and I MUST add that this scaped-from-a-geriatric man is on a WHEELCHAIR and is assisted all the time by a NUN-NURSE who´s wearing a giant, no, I mean a huuuuuuuuuuuuugge nun-nurse-hat. (Like the ones SALLY FIELD used in "the flying nun").

OK, is not hard to imagine that everytime María came to my house we played the Phantom DVD or listened the Movie soundtrack or both!. But since the first time we whatched it we´ve been fooling around with the joke of "OLD IAN TAKING A JOURNEY ON HIS WHEELCHAIR TO DELLIVER A FUCKING MONKEY TO MARIA´S GRAVE!" and I used to say: "oh María u better NOT die before me!, cause no matter what your family or friends would say I´ll go to the cementery and YOU´LL GET A MONKEY!!"

And this is what happened:
One night last week she came up in my house wearing a "home-made NUN-NURSE HAT!!" she made with a piece of white cardboard, and gave me a MONKEY she made with her own hands!!!.
what a bitch!!! I think nobody had never surprised me like that before, I remember myself crying and laughing at the same time without stopping for hours. But the most crazy thing about all this is the little monkey... it is exactly as the one in the movie... every detail... ohh i wish you had seen the movie to get what I´m talking about!!! (see the picture of MARIA dellivering the monkey here, and here you have a picture of the little monkey she made).

So, now you understand? This is the kind of people that sorrounds me.... and the reason why I have no limits to make a fool of myself and enjoy life. And these obsessions.... they wont hurt anybody.. the only thing you have to do is to find someone to share them with... and enjoy.

Ps- weren´t they six????

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