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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

BACK IN BUSINESS - wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I just dont know where to start... since I left the clinic my life has been surprising me day after day with a few "shocky" things.

_For example: the very first day back on my parents (my new home after divorce)I started a MSN Messenger session and found that a "new contact" was on-line. Even I recognize immediately the name, I had to think twice before sending an Instant Msg.(it couldn´t be possible!) "Ïs that you?? Jason from NYC??" and, like bringing a strong and warm hug to my, then very susceptible, heart... I got a: "Yes, Ian from Buenos Aires!, it´s me!". as an answer.
Jason-NYC was the first friend I meet by internet (first of ohhhh so many!!) and one of the first persons I tried my (then very poor) english on with. (yes Jay,I think you didn´t know that one). I was 17 years old and totally virgin (shut up SILVANA AND MS BEES KNEES, bitches!) in this freaky virtal new world during those days when ICQ reigned, hotmail was the greatest thing ever and we all were burning our brains out trying to invent a new dot com whole in business.

We kept in touch for years... shared lots of things (we used to IRC CHAT everyday) and then... we got lost. (yup, shit happends).
So in my first morning in front of my computer, and for the first time in years, from a hotmail address that I totally forgot he had, Jason, the one I loved so much and thought I lost on my way, was saying hi to me (I almost faint!).
Now I know he has been living in Paris and Russia since I had had the last word from him...he sent me funny pictures of him completely frozen! (He´s still as Hotty and handsome as he was in early ´98! HANDS OFF!!! HE´S MINE!)
Oh, of course he didn´t know anything about my "handicapped bitch thing" so... you can imagen his reaction when I introduced my blog to him....yes AN OVERDOSE OF REALITY...

(Now we chat every morning... he discover a way to use MSN at the office!)

wow! sorry guys but this was supossed to be a short introduction to what happened today... the FACT that inspired this post´s title:

First Rehearsall

ok, remember during my days at the Rehab Center I was asked to write 5 songs for a new musical gfor kids?? well, after I delivered all the final drafts (that were written on my long nights of insomnia), and knowing I was out of the clinic, the producer and co-writter of the play, Myriam, invited me to present the songs to the cast (that had already started rehearsing all choreographies). Then, after a long congratulations session (they loved the songs), they offered me the stage direction of the play! It just stopped my whatch! I couldn´t do anything but inhale a deep breath retaining my tears while I said YES, I DO.
And today was my first rehearsall... I can´t feel happier.

This week the sweet G.D. posted about daydreaming... and I commented on her blog that my daydream would have been to be on stage again, rehearsing a MUSICAL, as I used to do before this fucking illness.... and now... look what was waiting for me behind the next door....

See you all on friday!

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