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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Friday, May 20, 2005

BACK ON MY PARENT´S PLACE...Is this a way to start my day???

HOME SWEET HOME???? FUCK! The little beast you see in the picture is my Brother LUCAS.... oh, you asked me about the "OTHER" BEAST... his name is B.B. von TRUEGUEN (my Dad´s idea... how in hell do you name a dog like that??? yeah, it´s ridiculous but...it´s his dog...).

The story of this three month Rottweiler baby dog has started years ago, when my Dad first whatched LETHAL WEAPON. Do you remember that stupid scene from that stupid movie, when the stupid cop had to face a giant dog pretending to share its stupid doggie cookies? stupid uh? Well, my father, who is NOT stupid at all, said: "Oh my God! I want one of those beasts!". And this is how he fell in love with Rottweilers.

Even though my mother (and the rest of the neighbourhood) were horrorified at the idea of having one of this creatures running around trying to feed itself with human arms and legs , and, considering that, since that day, my Dad stared at every petshop he found, pressing his nose on the glass with that "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee" expression on his face, like a child on a toys store. And taking into account that it was his 50 years old birthday, we bought him what he called "My only dream" (now you are not surprised about my drama queen roots). AND NOW HE´S WAKING ME UP EVERY MORNING LICKING MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ohhhhh I miss the REHAB CENTER!).

Other thing to get used to about is bird singing! Holly crap !!!. It´s been 4 years since I´ve been living in downtown BA, and I can´t remember just one lonely morning when a bird woke me up (only once, but it was a Soprano that had moved to my flat and was rehearsing an area at 7am in a saturday morning!! and I wanted to kill her too).
The point is that I´m back in a "neighbourhood" where everybody knows your nameeee, full of trees, sorrounded by mother nature, where the birds sing every morning and the air smels like family, not like black city´s pollution.
well... it was time to get back I guess... I´ll be fine, I know it.
See You all next time! (wednesday).

"my Dad´s only dream!"

(now became truth)


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