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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Living on a ....wait, is it me or this has started with the name of a song again??

Im in the middle of a war here...
my stupid 19 years old Brother, Lucas, went out with some friends last night to celebrate he has passed a very hard exam in college ... and drank too much.
Until this point everything sounds normal, we can forgive a few drinks in a guy who´s celebrating,
BUT what my Dad just can´t forgive is that he came home drunk and driving his car!!( I mean Daddy´s car!).
Not even a fucking monkey would do such a stupidity. And he wants to be right!
While I am writting, my Dad, my Mom, My brother and the dog (!) are trying to debate this subject, wich means... I JUST CAN´T STAND THEM SCREAMING AT THE SAME TIME!!!
Now I´m wondering... where´s my fucking prozac?????


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