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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back in Studio

Back in Studio

Hey ya all!!
I know, at this time, you would be, as I am, a little tired of reading on my site about Rehab Tales and stuff like that.. so, this post will be a little tribute to all of you who has been celebrating every single suscessful step I´ve done since I started rehab.
IT´S TIME TO CELEBRATE HAPPYNESS!!!! (yup, I know, I´m a party bitch.. ) and I HAD TO share this with you:

I know I have tons of new visitors that have no idea I am an actor/singer, and since I´ve been infected by this strange neuro-illnes (doctors have no idea what this shit is yet) I also lost my voice. (besides the walking, coordinating, etc....yeah, I know... shit shit shit). And of course, the idea of performing again was like a dream way beyond my hands...you know, there are not so many characters in musicals for handicapped performers... (I thought of writting "MY LEFT FOOT, THE MUSICAL" but then I thought:"who would pay to see a bunch of suffering gay cripples singing on stage?, I know people love LesMiserables, a play when they go get the ticket KNOWING the entire cast dies!! and what about Andrea Boccelli??c´mon! the guy is blind and he´s a hit!!!" but I just couldnt find a producer.).

A few days after I let the Rehab Center, Ive been offered to direct a Musical (click here to read the story) thing I accepted with no second thoughts, and that has been a everyday joy, rehearsall after rehearsall.

The opening night will be next july 14th, and we are running against the clock. Today was the CD recording... and I´m still in shock. Not only I could direct a 7 hours first jorney of vocal arrengements (that I wrote) at the Studio... I COULD ACTUALLY SING!!!!!!!!!!, YES, I did some choirs, I felt I was in heaven!.

My voice is not here yet, but I just can´t believe I was able to use it now. I´m SO HAPPY!

I just had to share it with you.




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