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A Handicapped Bitch in Recovery!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

UPDATED!!! - EVITA PERON "La Santa Peronista" (the consequences of an overfeeded EGO)

The facts I´m going to post about here are real, documented and... it´s one of the most curious events in our history (and trust me, we´ve got so many!) so please, no matter how crazy, ridiculous, unthinkable or bizarre it sounds... just make an effort and keep reading... and above all this...TRY TO BELIEVE IT!

hello people! it´s been a long time since I wanted to write about this but, it´s so damned crazy that I actually needed something to prove it and, fortunately, Guillermo ( my Computers-new-technologies-fan-freak friend) sent me the marvalous Google Earth (woooooooowwwwwww!) and then, I finally got my exibits.

I assume you all recognize her:

Yes, even before Madonna decided to start a singing carrer, every time a regular foreign guy had heard "Argentina" he would had probably think about two things: TANGO and EVITA.

EVA PERON, Her name, her legacy (?) and most of all, her image had survived through the years around the world. Just as she wanted it to be.
Now if anyone of you don´t know about her.. go get some Google pills and come back to read this story!

Besides you like her or not, you can´t deny she has became a symbol. She wanted to be remembered, to be inmortal... and she did her best to make those wishes came true.
I think one of the greatest examples of this is something called "Ciudad Evita" (Evita City), wich is "the dream of a piramid of her own" and..the place where I live in.
Ciuad Evita was build in 1947 during the PERONISTA goverment. Originally, 15.000 houses would be given to the poor, people from the working class that came from countrysides to try a new life in Buenos Aires. So 15.000 families owned their first house straight from Evita´s hands...
It was called: "the City of the Future" because it had even more services than downtown BA. itself (gas, water, phones, schools, sport clubs, tennis club (!!), libraries, churches, hospitals, and a lot more). All the houses were build with the most expensive materials she could find, somebody remembers that she made the arquitects rebuild a whole lot of houses because she didn´t like the roofing tiles they had chosen, she wanted the french style...so she made them bought new ones from France. She hired the most remarkable landscape designers to set wich kind of trees to plant and she setted a law to forbid any change the new habitants would wanted to make to their houses.
You may probably wonder why such a disposition...well... here´s when this story turns to unbeliveable:
From the air, you could see the drawing of EVITA´s face... yes.. ok, I´ll say it again: from the air you could see a drawing of EVITA´s face...
All those beautifull red roofing tiles (yup, the french ones) mixed with the green trees, the roads, and every single detail of CIUDAD EVITA, were part of a Pharaoh like giant monument to herself that could only be appreciated when you were on a plane watching through the window.
Was it just a coincidence that this place was located a few miles from the international airport? did anybody thought how conveniant was to build a thing like this just to assure that anyone who enters the country KNEW that EVITA was there?


Here´s the view I took from Google Earth... now that years passed, The original design is not very clear--- but if you try, you´ll be surprised to appreciate how far an overfeeded EGO (like mine) can go... more if you are a masses leader... and got the money... (I´m saving money to build IANNOPOLIS!)

click on the pic to enlarge

This is a copy of the original map.
Well people...after your comments I gotta say I AM NOT TAKING ACIDS WITH MY PILLS!!! I know it´s not a photo but, if you don´t see her drawing on the map...BLAME THE FUCKING ARQUITECT, NOT ME!!
About IANNOPOLIS...wow, after your comments (and emails) I think this project deserves a post of its own so... soon on "welcome to my soul": "IANNOPOLIS, A REIGN OF MY OWN!"
tomorrow is the opening night of my play... that´s why I´ve been fraking out the whole week... You´ll be the first to know!

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